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I am very much happy and excited to present my idea article on one of the most popular, inclusive, populous, powerful, beautiful, modern, highly advanced, and developed city called London.

Nice to know unique facts about London

What is London known for?

You will feel revised and updated with nice to know unique facts about London, with what is London known for in London Full-Form Match Londoners.

London is the name of a totally modern city and is the capital of the United Kingdom that everyone knows. It is also the largest city in the United Kingdom. It is one of the world’s most important global city standing on the River Thames in the southeast of England.

It is also the city of the largest financial centers. It is a city that poses lots of natural beauties with eye-catching features to self-pride. A city of culture and history.

It is one of the most diverse city in the world where more than 300 languages are spoken with great unity, companion and passion.

Despite being the most powerful and rich city the people do not stance even a bit of jealousy; they do not show any envious resentment to anybody for their superior achievements, progress, and possessions.

They judge a man by what he does, not by what he says.

London Full-Form Match Londoners

How do Londoners match London?

How do Londoners match London is that the people who are jealous, greedy, and self concentrated to the worst targets are never liked by them, which is also proved by London Full-Form Match Londoners below, please keep reading.

They are peace-loving, slow and steady rising, honest speaking, global friendly, nature caretakers, and the most important thing animal lovers. Whatever they have done in the chain series for developing their nation is all because of their manual efforts and unity, no shift of innings boomed by the angels.

The naturally God-gifted greenery beauties make the city an awe-inspiring one. It is the largest city in Britain. It is Europe’s largest city by population.

It is one of the oldest and most beautiful city in Europe. It is a city of different religions and cultures. It is also one of the most beautiful and industrial city in the world.

The city is also famous for maintaining a neat and clean environment. You will not get to see the garbage dumped randomly. They dispose of the rubbish, wastes, unwanted materials to a fixed place with good hygienic healthful ideas recycling to further uses.

It is the city where all the castes, creeds, religions, and people of any height and color live with equality under the common national law.

Romans founded Londinium in 50 A.D., and later in 1889, the city was named London. London is a city of people with a free-minded and positive sense of humor where everyone can make a true friendship without any discrimination.

For the first time when I had heard the name of this city, I was very small. Then, I did not know many things about London; at that time, there were no mobiles and cameras, so we did not get to see more photos and videos as of now.

But, when I reached college level, I had seen its photos for the first time on google. I loved seeing the images of London. I was very much happy and excited to see lots of photos of London on google’s gallery.

After seeing the photos, I thought that the city whose images only look so attractive, natural, and beautiful, how many times more beautiful might the city be in real look?

Before, I start my article on London. I want to say that it is true that when I was small, I did not know many things about London, but I used to see the photo of Tower bridge of London in the house of many of my relatives and also on the walls of the shops and institutes.

Even now, you will get to see the photo of Tower bridge of London in the houses of many of my relatives, friends, malls, shops, vehicles, and my house. Tower Bridge is one of the most commonly seen photos on the walls of the houses in my area.

Ever since my childhood, I have been listening that the people of London are very much loving, caring, honest, strict, hard-working, regular, punctual, well mannered, educated, civilized, sincere, dutiful, cooperative, considerate, and highly cultured.

I have also realized personally that the United Kingdom people are naturally perfect nationalists to top their nation throughout the world.

What is so unique about Londoners?

What is interesting about London?

London is the city of pinned nationalists, it is a special clue that makes every Londoners unique to make the city London an interesting theme in the world.

London is the heart of pinned nationalists.

Listening to such fascinating pleasureful, and exciting facts about London and the people of the United Kingdom from my friends and the sources I know.

I want to present a full form which is also the summary of my inner mind on London.

Land of nationalists, dream of nation.

L – land

O – of

N – nationalists

D – dream

O – of

N – nation…and is the reason I say, London is the land of pinned nationalists who dream of their nation day and night. London is also well known for the land of literates, who dream of their nation until their last breath. London is the land of national dreamers, who dream of the nation with great honesty and loyalty.

Literates of nation, dream of nation.

Literates of nation are the designers of nation.

London is the city of literates; it is also the city of poets and philosophers where people from different kingdoms of the United Kingdom live unitedly, dreaming and paving better paths for their nation.

The people of London are always vigilant about the good of their nation. People of London are absolute nation lovers who are always ready to do and die for national peace, security, equality, and loyalties improvement.

What is United Kindom famous for?

Land of novelists code daily news of London in unique ways

The United Kingdom is famous for its unique concept, every people of the United Kingdom is the shield of the nation in the time of protecting either the local or the national prestige, pride, and dignity of their nation because it is the land of novelists who describe daily news and activities of their nation in their own nature.

And, the land of novelists means, the land of literates.

The United Kingdom comprises England, Wales, Scotland, and the northern portion of Ireland.

Like London, other beautiful and major cities of England are Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool, Swansea and Cardiff in Wales, Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland, Belfast and Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

London is also famous for Buckingham Palace, the residence and administrative headquarters of the United Kingdom’s monarchy.

The Royal Palaces:-

Buckingham Palace, Whitehall Palace, Lambeth Palace, Hampton court palace, Kensington palace, St. James palace, the Palace of Westminster, Winchester palace, Alexandra palace, Nonesuch Palace, Kew Palace, Eltham Palace, Durham palace.


The British Library, Wellcome Library, The London Library, Guildhall Library, National art library, The poetry library, Bishopsgate institute library, Wiener Holocaust library, St, bride library, The BFI library, and many more libraries.


The Queen’s Gallery Buckingham, The national gallery, Saatchi gallery, National portrait gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Hayward Gallery.


The Royal national theater commonly known as a national theater. Royal Opera house, Shakespeare’s Globe, Barbican theater, London coliseum, Regent’s Park open-air theater, and many more theaters.


The British Museum, The foundling museum, London transport museum, Royal Air Force Museum, Museum of London, Natural history museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum, National Maritime Museum, and many more museums.


Hyde Park, Holland Park, Paradise wildlife park, Brockwell Park, Clissold Park, Golder’s hill park, Thames barrier park, Recent’s park, Green Park, Victoria Park, and many more parks.


Borough Market, Old Spitalfields Market, Leadenhall Market, Greenwich market, Jubilee market, Upmarket, Roman road market, Netil market, and many more markets.


University of London, London Metropolitan University, University of East London, University of West London, London South Bank University, University of Greenwich, and many more universities.

Royal Albert Hall, Wilton’s music hall, The Royal festival hall, Clarence house.

Leake Street, Abbey Road, Tower of London, Royal Academy of arts, Brick Lane, The Royal mews Buckingham, Liberty London.

The Royal botanic gardens, strawberry hill house and garden, Victoria memorial London, roundhouse, and, The London Dungeon, Battersea park children’s zoo, and many more eye-catching sites attract people from all over the world.

The name Great Britain or Britain is sometimes used to refer to the United Kingdom as a whole.

It is a common view among all the conscious people to keep their nation and birthplace like a part of heaven with all the kinds of facilities, security, peace, pleasure, equality, and happiness everywhere. In all the parts of this country, people have the freedom to live the life of their choice.

To dream and visit London is the desire of every people in the world, but all the people do not succeed in their dream, and I am one of the same types who dream London but knows well that all the dreams do not come true.

It is also a well-reputed city for political stability, business and economic activities, cultural equality, gender equity, high class educational and learning grading, transportation, laboratory researchers, medical facilities are of high grade, confident and reliable. Also, from the security point of view, it is a supreme nation against bribery and dishonesty.

The mayor and commonality and the city’s citizens are the municipal governing body of the city of London.

The monarch is the head of the nation and the source of all honors and dignities in the United Kingdom. The monarchy of the United Kingdom is the head of the states of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms.

The U.K. and fifteen other independent sovereign states share the same person as their monarch, called the commonwealth realms Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts, and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu.

Her Majesty the Queen is the head of every activity of the nation, she is also responsible for appointing a new prime minister whenever necessary to appoint or dismiss every other minister of the crown to control the nation. Because of her interest in human welfare, ideas, and methods of ruling, she is always respected by every people in the nation and the world.

I belong to a small, developing, beautiful, peace and simple country, Nepal. But, I know that whenever there have come any objection on earth, the master countries have solved the problems, and the United Kingdom is one of them.

In the present situation, only that country is a successful nation that has all the matters and materials related to human welfare with superior features and ideas to protect their entire living animals with selfless spirit and the United Kingdom is one of those nations with all the ideas and materials.

Some more facts about London

Interesting known facts about London and uk

Some more interesting known facts about London and UK. There exist 120 types of fish. London’s set of experiences shows that there are 60 types of birds that dwell in Central London.

Besides, research shows that there endure nearly 47 species of butterfly, 270 kinds of bugs, and 1173 moths. Among others, you can find 10000 foxes there. Similarly, other living animals situated in Greater London are mice, rabbits, rats, squirrels, and many more.

Transportation is effortless in London. You can reach any place you need in time as the transport service never stops, and the transport goes leading specific time.

It’s extraordinary compared to other transportation frameworks on the planet. Additionally, London’s metro framework is the old and second most fantastic framework on the earth.

The city has an extraordinary directing framework on air terminals. It includes eight airports, out of which six are the busiest. West London and London Heathrow Airport are the most active air terminals on the planet.

The climate of the city is cold. It has a moderate environment. It is something that the vast majority like about London. Typically, summers are warm. The colder time of year is cool and wet. You can see snowfall likewise, which can make an influence while voyaging. In London, the spring seasons are lovely and charming.

London is notable for impacting different public areas of the world since the Middle Ages.

When you walk around London, you see numerous things from the early history of the world that direct interest and energy. You likewise see a warren of narrow roads, old boats on the river Thames, old passages, to give some examples.

A few people stand, gaze, and begin dreaming since London is known as the city of dreams that excites feelings and pleasure.

It has qualities that other significant urban areas on the planet don’t have, and they are, for the most part, easy to see.

A Lord Mayor governs the city.

Surprisingly, if Her Majesty needs to enter the City of London, her office needs to get the Lord Mayor’s consent first.

It has heaps of amusement, squares, palaces, and obviously, numerous bars. London has all that it is hard to feel exhausted there.

London is likewise notable for its rich history, stable monetary administration industry, particular towns, expressions, and some more. That clarifies why such countless individuals from around the world are quick to visit or live in London.

Numerous wealthy people from around the world come to put and live in this extraordinary city. Its work market is significant, and it is so natural and easy to get a new line of work in London than elsewhere in the UK and world.

Today it stays a profoundly influential entertainer in worldwide exchange. It is a city that accepts advancement, innovation, and science, which permits London to adjust to the consistently changing climate in worldwide business.

London is a famous city to live in for every individual who appreciates green spaces. It has the most excellent and luxurious nurseries and forests contrasted with other significant trailing planned communities on the planet.

London is famous for its green parks. The British capital has a combination of enormous and little stops, situated on each point of this incredible city.

As far as the city where individuals need to live and work, London stands apart from other major worldwide urban areas with its wealth of green spaces and stops. People of London have countless choices to browse where to meet, work, and trade their thoughts.

London has every one of the excellent and calm spaces for anybody to unwind and feel great.

Strolling through certain pieces of London resembles walking around the open country. It’s the only city on the earth where you can discover little green pretty towns with some remarkable history.

Buckingham Palace is quite possibly the most celebrated and famous London charm.

The Changing of the Queen’s Guard draws in many guests consistently. It happens each day before the Buckingham Palace building. The New Guard replaces the current Old Guard with music played by a military band.

London is renowned for its exhibition halls and displays. The city’s historical centers are staggeringly intriguing.

The diversion scene of the city is unquestionably one of the features for travelers who need to appreciate London.

Aside from theater exhibitions, there are other London shows and celebrations throughout the entire year. The Chelsea Flower Show, the Queen’s birthday march, the Wimbledon tennis Open, and numerous different games happen each year.

Consistently, the London long-distance race carries a great many individuals to the British capital city.

Black Taxis, generally known as London Black Cab. Regardless of whether you have never been to London, you might have seen one from someplace in the movies.

One thing you notice when you show up in London is the number of black taxis. You will see hundreds if a not massive number of black taxis zooming around the city, conveying individuals to where they should be.

The London Black Cab is notable. It has shown up in several films, magazines, and numerous papers.

One thing you can make sure of on the off chance that you take a ride in a black taxi, your driver will get you to your goal!

London was not generally called London. Before getting comfortable with the name ‘London,’ it had a progression of terms – Londonium, Ludenwic, and Ludenburg.

English park seats are regularly committed to somebody, That one I find highly charming to hear and read. At whatever point you step in a recreation center or a public square, you are ensured to discover at any rate one wooden park seat committed to somebody who had a set of experiences there.

To summarize, every one of the highlights referenced above makes London a most loved spot for everybody. It’s every single element and progression that thrived it as the sweetheart spot for all of us.

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Prince George


Prince George of Cambridge, full name – George Alexander Louis (born 22 July 2013) is a member of the British Royal Family. He is the eldest child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

He is third in the line of succession to the British throne behind his grandfather Prince Charles and his father, and he is expected to become King one day, the future king of the United Kingdom. He is the grandson of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Princess Charlotte

The smiling Angel of the British Royal Family

The smiling angel Princess Charlotte (born 2 May 2015) is a member of the British Royal Family. She is the second child and daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She is fourth in the line of succession to the British throne.

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// End of Blog Number // 4. // London Full-Form Match Londoners…!

Glossary Of The Blog “London Full-Form Match Londoners

For Junior, readers 67 – word meanings are below:-

Administrative – managerial, directorial, executive, controlling

Amusement – fun, pleasure, enjoyment, delight

Appoint – nominate, elect, select, choose, determine, set, fix

Appreciate – value, respect, admire

Awe-inspiring – amazing, awesome, stunning, breathtaking, mind-blowing

Bribe – corrupt

Bribery – corruption, payola, hush money, palm greasing

Charming – cute

Clue – hint, sign, signal, guide, suggestion, indication

Common – usual, ordinary, familiar, regular, frequent, general, popular

Confident – sure of oneself, collected, self-reliant, positive

Consent – agreement, allow, accept, support, favor, go-ahead

Considerate – attentive, thoughtful, mind-full

Conscious – alert, responsive, awake, aware

Dignity – honourability, majesty, gravity, composure

Discrimination – intolerance, differentiation, racism, inequity

Diverse – various, multiple

Envious – jealous

Exhausted:- bone-tired, breathless, drained

Exhibition – show, presentation, demonstration

Extraordinary – remarkable, amazing

Eye-catching – sensational, remarkable, noticeable, impressive

Fantastic – great, terrific, tremendous

Fascinating – engrossing, captivating, interesting

Framework – structure, shape, order, set-up, make-up

Governing – having authority to conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of a state, organization, or people

Heap – mass, much, lots, bundle, collection

Honor – glory, cachet, prestige, importance

Impact – effect, influence, result

Inclusive – full, all-round

Influence – effect, control ,hold, guide

 Intriguing – interesting, fascinating

Liberty  – independence, freedom, self-government

Literate – able to read and write

Loyal – obedience, faithfulness

Memorial – monument, shrine, statue, remembrance

Moderate – medium, average, common

Monarchy – principality, empire, headship

Municipal – civil, community, local

Passion – love, desire

Pave – cover, floor, finish, top

Philosopher – Thinker, theorist, wise man

Pinned – attached, fixed

Possession – care, control, ownership

Prestige – status, reputation

Pride – joy, fulfillment, satisfaction

Realm – area, field, kingdom, empire

Refer – mention, go into, touch on, introduce

Reliable – dependable, well-grounded, well-founded, good

Reputed – well respected

Resentment – hate, ill will, hard feelings, enmity

Residence – home, house, address

Shield – protection, guard

Sincere – wholehearted, deep, genuine, cordial, on the up and up

Sovereign – head of state, ruler, powerful

Specific – particular, certain, fixed

Spirit – soul, body

Stability – firmness, strength, fastness, balance

Staggeringly – to an astonishing or shocking degree

Stance – posture, attitude

Succession – sequence, progression, chain, cycle, continuation, flow, line-up

Summary – outline, sketch, review, concise

Supreme – highest ranking, chief, head, top, extraordinary

Terminal – final, last, ultimate, closing

Typical – normal, ordinary, particular, standard, average, regular, model

Welfare – well being, happiness, comfort

Vigilant – watchful, sharp-eyed, eagle-eyed, ready

 Voyage – travel, journey, tour, fly

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