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In the About Me section of ideasaid, I would like to focus that IdeaSaid.com is a literal part of Vastrow…





R-religion and

O-origin of

W-WORLD…from the very beginning of my life, I have no any interest in being an officer and get paid as a regularly employed person. Thus to live an independent life is the chief motif of my living. Singers, poets, authors, musicians, actors, producers, directors, anchors, commentators, painters, writers.. are my ideal persons.

It is because they live their life based on their own ability and just like them, I am also fond of living my life based on my own abilities. I am not a professional writer but sometimes I like to write and share my feelings with the virtual readers of my status.

In an order of writing, I have made the purpose of keeping my lifetime articles under the theme series of Vast-row, where all the articles of my writing trial will be plunged under the branches of Vastrow about science, time, religion, and origin of the world, in my own way and step by step zooming the words to reach all the branches of Vastrow, up to I can. Vastrow about science, time, religion and origin of world…what goes in trying.

I have thought that if the purpose of living is to civilize the following generations, then why not to create a separate image for the generations to read, guide and live self motivated.

In this sequence, sometimes i keep copying my mind on this website (ideasaid.com), so that you can be helped in self-motivation.

I believe that in today’s world all the people keep discussing on the points about science, time, religion and origin of world in their ways and in this effort i keep writing to contribute to ease their search and hint them to reach their satisfaction of trials, in my ways, up to i can.

In the manual trial of writing it sounds nearly difficult explaining about science, time, religion, and origin of the world. But, I have nearly summarized my opinions (by zooming words) writing on science, time, religion, earth, God, heaven, and the related terminologies for which you keep several times wondering your thoughts to get sharply hooked up by the exact or satisfying answers of the reasons hunting your brain.

My writing focused to the gates of cosmic universal lacking ideas, described by zooming the words…

Please be with us to know about the detail on the branches of Vastrow.

Trying to write something new is a part to start with ideasaid.com.

My writing attempts are just the trials to meet your reading satisfactions.

I don’t like all kinds of works, earnings and living ways because i always search a passion to try something new…

Ideasaid.com is summary-based writing on cosmic ideas, social subjects, human thoughts, guiding psychological changes and behavior with general and local terms in my own way.

I am an ordinary human from Nepal.

I am frankly writing that I am an ordinary person and I have no unique or great plans and dreams in my life to share.

My yesterday, today and tomorrow are all the same, nothing changed and nothing new to say. what, I am today was the same yesterday, and maybe I will be the same tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. If to summarize about myself then the real identity that may match my panel is, I am a person of cool and cooperative temperament.

I always used to think that I have everything that a normal living person should have to survive, but slowly and gradually, I started feeling scarce of many things in my life. It has happened several times in my life that the things I liked I could not purchase, the books I liked I could not buy, the dresses I liked were very much expensive because of which ordinary living is the chief part of my life.

Even today I am a jobless citizen of my nation, all the expenditure and needful items are afforded by my parents only. Ideasaid.com is my first effort to engage myself as a job holder at ideasaid.com. Till now I was absolutely living an idle and dysfunctional life but it never hurt me.

Because, being employed on salary is not my aim:to create and do something new, and stay, skill based employed life is standard goal of my life.

For myself, my parents, my children, and my wife I had planned several times to live an employed life, earn money, and full fill my personal needs and the needs of my family members but I was not meeting the right opinion to get an easy and self-employed life, ideasaid.com is the initial gate to live engaged of my choice.

I always had a wish to keep my parents, my children, and my wife happy, not with the income or salary earned from my job or any business but with the income of my own ideas, thoughts, and good manners assisting each other in the global communion among the ideas readers of my status.

I have also examined many patients in my life but all the patients pose common ignorance of basic procedures in handling their own lifestyle, it may be because of misguidance or lack of ideas in setting, reading, and equating the self pages of life because of which they face fatal diseases.

Even after studying thousands of people, I still, think that because of the confusing heights of the human it is very difficult to understand the factual ideas of any person.

I-it is



A-anything about anybody…it is very much difficult to understand someone’s ideas or mind in the right way. Up to now, I have seen and faced many kinds of people in the world but still I think that it is difficult to explain anything about anybody.

ideasaid.com is the global summary of ideas of the people, I know, in the differentiated forms to read.

I am a Nepalese citizen, if any mistake in typing or explaining the articles then please do not mind…

Be my e-pen pal foreigner friends..reading ideaSaid.com…

English is not an easy language for me but it is positively an interesting language.

I also keep reading my own articles, and I feel a good point after reading my article is that it give me quick confidence to live as a humble human, self-teacher, self-guiding moral principles, and self-feeding ideas to ideas writer.

Please stay connected with me and I hope that you will also feel self-contented, satisfied, and self-motivated after reading the articles of my blogs.

Ideasaid.com is a self-boosting ideas platform to attention that self-developed skills and ideas are more valuable than the educational certificates you earn.

I promise that I will publish daily a blog at ideasaid.com or at least 2 to 3 blogs (posts) a week.

You will definitely find a mnemonic ( social and common interesting words zoomed) in each blog to read.

Mnemonics are simply the consolidated forms of my assembled feelings into words.

something more about me:-

My name is VastrowMukesh and I am from Nepal, under the theme progression of:-




T-teaching to




My Qualification:-M.B.B.S.

My country:-Nepal


Ideas writer:- Vastrow Mukesh at ideasaid.com

Frankly saying, I am very much slow and hesitating in English writing and speaking. Even though, I invite and request you all to:-


A-anytime to





W-writing @ Ideasaid.com

You are always welcome to visit us anytime to study the rows of our summary writing on the maximum level of the highest degree of the feelings and imaginations that erupt in the daily motion of the common human and are freely discussed only at the ideas platform of the ideasaid.com.

It is a site to summarize the confusing heights of humans in the manual version of the readers and to the readers. I see, nearly all people use Social media, where they write their feelings and post them to like and share with their friends.

In the same way, I decided to launch my own personal blog website to post my ideas and publish them for ideas matching.

As we all know that, even lots of children use social media but they do not get full guidance in reaching their search, for those children and all the ages, my ideas writing may go step guiding in learning (law-earning) something new and unique with Vastrow, simple teaching to respect own world…To post something in better way than the kids.

To post something better for the children

To post something better for their parents

To post something better for all..and to learn (law-earn) something new to sure success with Vastrow at ideasaid.com.

Ideasaid.com is my full effort to reach and ease, going beyond the variable human imaginations in my own ways.

The breeding fun of alphabets with my attitude and feelings made me an idea writer at ideasaid.com.

Ideasaid.com is my working site to do something new and better for all boosting and assisting common social ideas.

Make it a joke or consider it your choice, all upon you – ideasaid.com



This is me: a world class top ugly man: VastrowMukesh

From : Nepal : NepaLol is my country ,,, a very beautiful country, more than you know https://ideasaid.com/





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