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Topic:- “C.O.V.I.D. LOCKING GLOBE”. I warmly welcome all of you to my website ideasaid.com blog (post) number five with the preventive matching full-form of C.O.V.I.D.

My single page trial guide to help you live at safe zone in the pandemic situation against the covid virus.



The best preventive measure for covid-19 is in covid itself, let us zoom covid to get a directional code against it’s transmission control:


C – Control contamination

O – one of

V – very

I – important idea is

D – distancing… To control contamination one of very important idea is distancing and frequent disinfection.

Everybody must remember this life-saving mnemonic formula to remain safe from covid, that is “to control contamination one of very important idea is distancing”.



Full form of COVID, is in itself a complete guide to keep you at safe site. Covid is one of viral infectious disease.

C – covid

O – one of

V – viral

I – infectious

D – disease.. covid is one of the viral infectious disease, caused by the recently discovered coronavirus. Coronavirus is a large family virus which causes illness in human and animals.

In human beings, several coronaviruses are reported to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases, such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Like MERS and SARS, the most recently discovered coronavirus causes covid 19. Covid 19 was unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan of China in December 2019.

C- covid

O- one of

V- viral

I- infectious

D- disease..infected people with covid 19, from two to 14 days after exposure may show clinical features (mild to severe) such as:- fever (100.4 degree Fahrenheit or higher), cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, tiredness, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, aches, loss of smell and taste.

Covid is a global disease-causing global crisis. On 11 February 2020, W. H. O. (world health organization) announced a name for the new coronavirus, called covid 19.

Covid 19 is a global threat to human health. Older people or people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and immune-suppressed persons are more prone to suffer, and the younger people are also not spared. This is a common disease for all age groups.


It has been studied that it spreads from person to person in close contact within 1 meter (3 feet) of distance. And, thus to control contamination, I suggest,


C – control contamination

O – one of

V – very

I – important idea is

D – distancing + disinfection

To control contamination, one of very important idea is distancing and frequent disinfection.

The virus spreads by respiratory droplets. It spreads by coughing, sneezing, or talking with the infected people or by touching any surface with the virus and later touch their own mouth, nose, and eyes or anything they touch after being contaminated may spread the virus.

To stop further transmissions, please properly, wear a mask.

But, the mask alone can not stop the pandemic. Countries must manage to test, isolate and treat every cases tracing the contacts to test every suspected covid 19 cases. If to suggest about the mask, then N 95 mask, surgical masks have better protection efficiency than the ordinary clothes or sponge masks. cloths masks are also used in case – something better than nothing.

Eat healthy and hygienic foods, do not smoke, no tobacco products, no to overdose drugs or alcohol. Do not take allergic foods, cold and frozen items. Do not use allergic perfumes. Do regular exercise, meditation and keep reading my articles to utilize your leisure time.

Please, keep changing and cleaning your clothes, handkerchiefs, ornaments that you use. It is also very much necessary to keep your own room, house, and neighboring areas clean.

keep clean your table, bed, windows, chair, door handles, locks, and keys. Cleaning of room and surrounding area is a reliable way to stop the transmission. Learn to protect yourself physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally tension – free from the covid 19.

Generally, the tiny airborne droplets containing the virus can survive from few hours to 9 days and more depending upon the objects and surfaces, if they do not find any carrying (multiplying) sources, the agents die quickly. To stop the transmission, it is like the common sense of human beings versus covid 19.

Please take the vaccine doses against covid, visiting the centers.

Covid 19 is a pandemic, locking globe. The pandemic of any type is not a joke to take them lightly or carelessly. In the terrible pandemic of the present time, many people have lost their lives, family, courage, and patience. And, thus I like to say please spread the controlling messages, not the virus.

According to W. H. O. and the experts, this virus can be significantly slowed or reversed, if all the countries aim to stop the transmission methods carefully. Please follow the advice with my mnemonic guidelines to beat covid 19.

To control contamination one of very important idea is distancing + disinfection, that we all must know and practice to stop the transmission of covid.

Frequently, clean your hands, face, and feet with soap, water, and alcohol-based hand rubs, do not apply alcoholic sanitizers on the face, it may cause allergic reactions.

Clean your hands regularly before and after preparing foods.

Clean your hands before and after eating foods.

Clean your hands, face, and feet after toilet use.

Some ideas to avoid covid 19 infections from toilets:- with families in close contact with covid patients, use separate bathrooms or use chlorine-based disinfectants to clean flush button, toilet seat, bowels, and doorknobs.

Frequently clean your hands, face, feet, and other body parts when they are visibly dirty. Clean your hands, face, feet, and visibly dirty body parts after handling animals or animal waste.

Clean your hands, face, feet, and visibly dirty body parts after cleaning your vehicles, room, and kitchen wares.

Please wear a mask and gloves before cleaning any materials. Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you remove the gloves and mask.

Attention:- please develop your habit of wearing masks and gloves as the surgeons do. Avoid close contact with anyone having fever, cough, and flu-like symptoms.

When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue. Burn or bury the used tissue papers and masks properly. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth after touching the contaminated surfaces or sick and ill people; it is one of the best ways to stop the spread.


Remember:- Because, of the viral context locking globe..never touch any body parts with your hands above the neck, such as your face, mouth, hair, eyes, ears, and nose..before cleaning your hands.

Never walk barefooted before going to bed. Clean your feet properly. It is assumed that coronavirus (covid 19), before it reaches the lungs, remains in the throat for 4 to 5 days. If he/she drinks plenty of warm water and gargling with salt and warm water frequently may eliminate the virus.

Do not touch the infected surface with cuts, scratches, wounds, ulcers, and severely infected skin diseases. With at least 70% alcohol or disinfectants, frequently clean the household articles carpets, floor, and drapes. Launder items always in warm water and dry them completely.

Open, tear or unseal the newly purchased goods and items with care and attention while handling, maintain self hygienic precautions. Clean your hands, face, and feet for at least 20 seconds or more with soap and water.

Carefully and gently rub your palms, crease, fingers, thumbs, toes, nails, knuckles below and above the wrist.

Attention:- take at least 20 seconds for face cleaning, 20 seconds for feet cleaning, 20 seconds or more for hands rubbing and washing. First, clean your hands, then your face, feet, and again hands to maintain a proper hygienic level.

All must know

Do not drive vehicles in the pandemic areas and do not wear fashionable rings, lockets, bracelets, bangles, or anything that may shelter viruses. Avoid crowds and suggest others the same, do not shake hands or hug after the meeting.

If you have returned home from overseas or pandemic areas, please make sure to live alone for 14 to 21 days (isolated in self-quarantine), maintaining a distance of 1+1 meter from your own family members and friends.

Do not share your books, writing pads and pens, pins, mobile, laptop, or any electronic devices and household items utensils, garments, cups, spoons, plates, towels, bedding, combs, pillows, belts, shoes, socks, handkerchiefs, and etc.

When you return home from outside, please keep safe or clean your watch, rings, bracelets, bangles, lockets, belts, sandals, shoes, and shocks. When you return home from outside, please do not touch your kids and pets or sit for taking drinks and food before cleaning your hands and changing clothes properly.

Combustion or burning of rotten, rubbish oral and nasal aspirates, as well as avoided articles, can play a vital role in chasing the virus. Combustion of rotten, rubbish oral or nasal aspirates and all the avoided articles of any type should be immediately burnt to seize the growth of the virus. Combustion or burning may be a better option than burying.

All the garbage, hospital and personal wastes, avoided articles should be immediately burnt to seize the growth of the virus. Because, sometimes the buried wastes may infect other wild or street animals in many ways, or follow according to your national situations and law.

This virus can affect cardiac, ophthalmic, respiratory, renal, oral, and also neurologically, affected and affect nerves and appetites too. Any pandemic cases have both psychological and emotional effects on the humble civil chain.

Please, maintain self hygienic level and aseptic precautions similar to – caring cord or respiration on newly arrived baby.. remember the hygienic methods “how you care a newly arrived baby in your family” while caring and cutting the umbilical cord or respiration checking on the newly arrived baby is a simple and similar way to adopt the personal hygienic habits in our daily life against the covid 19. Handle yourself and the articles around you like – you are handling a new born baby.

Please take plenty of Clean, cooked fruits or roots of nearly all anti-allergic and anti-oxidant articles, which may be helpful with whole fruits or sips of warm juice..before the doctors reach you or you reach the doctors.

Do not pick the thrown papers, notes, toys or currency notes, and anything.

While going outside your house, do not forget the mask and gloves.

Maintain the distance of 1+1 meter with any person infected or healthy. 1+1 meter Left+Right+Front+Back = social distancing, properly maintained against the covid spread.

If possible, the things you bring home from the market, please leave that untouched for the above-mentioned contamination period.

If you don’t know how to wear and off the gloves and mask-like the surgeons do, please, go to YouTube, search and watch the videos, or consult any trainers to guide you and your family members and friends, wearing the mask and gloves.

Do not blame any person, nation, group, or religion for spreading the virus. Stay home and stay safe. Be kind to yourself and others.

If you feel any of the above symptoms, then please contact a health expert immediately. Every people must stand united to save lives against the cruel covid, following the mnemonics guideline of M.A.D.S.




S- SANITIZER … M.A.D.S. formulae against the mads phases of corona/covid.


It is very necessary to control contamination and help to control contamination because: cases of virus increasing day by day.


O – OF



D – DAY BY DAY…cases of virus increasing day by day and this is the reason I request all my readers to help control contamination because, covid the pandemic, locking globe.

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