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Welcome to IdeaSaid blog number 10 “DRIVE SLOW OR DRY-EVE LIKELY

In this blog, you will read guided ideas on driving assisting human behavior. The zoomed word DRIVE itself speak of the behavior codes linked to human nature in “DRIVE SLOW OR DRY-EVE LIKELY“.

With lots of inspirational and motivational ideas based upon the social strings and living challenges to be solved with “DRIVE SLOW OR DRY-EVE LIKELY“.

Topic:- “DRIVE SLOW OR DRY-EVE LIKELY“. I warmly welcome all of you to my website ideasaid.com blog (post) number ten with the matching idea to DRIVE. Please keep reading…

In this busy world with busy schedule everyone is in hurry. People travel from one place to another for various purposes. Whatever the purpose is, a traveler needs a vehicle. He/she drives it or just pay for the ride. As all people are in hurry, accidents are likely to occur.

These accidents are caused due to the lack of road safety and highly uncontrolled speed.


In this blog we are discussing about the importance and need of safe and slow driving. To boost up this topic we are looking on two similar pronounced words drive slow or drive (dry-eve) likely.

A slow and safe driving is good for you and everyone on the road. But an unsafe driving is fatal to yourself and anyone on the road. Unsafe drive turns into dry eve for yourself and your close ones. Any of your happiness can turn into sorrow and sadness.

Whenever we go out for a drive, there is someone who warns and reminds us to drive safely. They may be our guardian, friends, children or any one we know.

Road safety

They warn us to drive safe and slowly because they love you and care for you. They are our well-wishers. Even our government has made many rules and regulations regarding road safety.

They have traffic police personnel working effectively for maintaining and monitoring road safety. They are employed 24*7 for maintain road safety. They also conduct various campaigns in public places and schools regarding road safety and its importance.

Government and other social bodies are very effective regarding maintain the road safety. They initiate various awareness programs through mass gathering and digital medias. With the help of digital medias, they are raising awareness through awareness-based advertisements. Under the rules & regulations made by the government.

People avoiding and neglecting road safety are fined amount of money. They need to pay some amount of money as penalty for avoiding road safety and traffic rules.

This is done because by the next time people will be aware of road safety, rather than paying fine. Driving after alcohol, avoiding helmets, crossing speed limits, carry more than 2 persons, not having license etc. are some traffic rules regulated to maintain road safety.

Carelessness in road safety brings accidents only.

Your family members get stressed about your situation

Your unsafe and harsh driving also affects the other driving safety to his/her destination. Road accidents don’t affect you physically only. It affects you mentally and financially as well including your family. Your family members get stressed about your situation.

Sadness takeover the happiness and joy. Treating the injured one needs lot of money. You and your family may not afford such expensive treatment. Unsafe driving ultimately brings dry-eve to your beloved ones. Your moment of joy while driving unsafe may turn into dry eve in just a matter of time.

An idea to overcome stress

Your happiness turns into nightmare

Your happiness turns into nightmare. Safe and slow driving is surely better than unsafe driving. Fast and unsafe driving Of Course help you to reach fast but invites fatal accidents.

Slow and safe driving avoids dry eve for you and your beloved ones or anyone driving on the road. Please share this blog to many people, you can Share to everyone you care of. Share using any means, any language or in any form.

Guiding someone about the importance of road safety can save them from any dry eve.

Drive safe, Drive slow


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