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In this blog, you will find full form of HUMAN similar to human behavior. The term HUMAN itself speak of the behavior codes linked to human nature in FACTS ABOUT H.U.M.A.N.

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Full form of human

Scary facts about human

Hack universe make a new is a full form and a scary fact about human where,




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Hack universe make a new is a full form which match the nature of human being in this 21stcentury. So, that we can simply understand the meaning of human. we know that there are different animals in our planet earth, among them human is the most superior animal.

Facts about human

Human beings are leader of the planet earth. Because of immortal soul and remarkable cognitive capacity humans are known as the most superior animal. In the field of development, constructions, culture, heritages, education, humans are taken as an example.

In fact, invention of the wheel, building of the pyramids and landing on the moon are done by humans only.

But when I studied deeply about human nature and psychology, I got to know such facts which match the full form of human and human nature.

Like, Hack universe make a new is a full form of human as I already said before it reflects the real nature of human beings. Nowadays, humans are being so mean to their personal economic development, self-growth, personal promotion, salary, self determination, personal benefit, that they can’t feel the sorrow & pain of others…

Human a selfish animal in point of my view

With this reason humans are selfish animal in point of my view.

Humans are the only animal in this planet who are always unsatisfied and unhappy.

For self-priority and self-prestige humans can do anything they wanted without identifying other problems. That results something beneficial also, but more harmful which causes global warming, pollution, murder, kidnapping, conflict and family violations plus many more.

The things we take from and give to this planet

we can hear many such news and cases from different sources. According to my study, among all the animals in this planet we humans are the only one who consume delicious foods. I mean to say that what we take from, and what we are giving to this planet?

Now I am going to explain its result in a short paragraph, as we consume delicious foods, pure harmless drinking water, oxygen to breath, use many natural products and goods but what we return to this planet after taking all the benefit from this planet is…

We have returned fecal materials, also called excreta which have the most unpleasant smell. I have not found such fecal smell of other animals.

We drink filtered and fresh water, mineral water and spend money on buying so called healthy water, but our urine is also not beneficial as the urine of other animals for our planet.

We breath in oxygen, without oxygen we cannot survive, and breath out carbon dioxide which is also a result of global warming.

Summary of the human habits

In summary of the human habits, we consume lot of natural resources from this planet and in return we give hair, spit, cough, nail apart from this we are not able to give anything else to this planet.

I don’t want to pause this topic only saying this much. I also want to say that trees, herbs, shrubs give us fruits, flowers and green vegetables, cows and buffaloes gives us milk, other animals are useful for transportation, but we humans are not useful for this type of use.

We can only be satisfied with this thought that humans are such animal which have numerous ideas and ability to manage things and create new innovative devices in the field of science and technology and any other fields for the economic development.

Let us consider Human as a tree where ideas can only hang in its broad branches.

So, we humans must be positive in every situation because we are the only animal to provide innovative ideas for the development and growth. Our ideas must be positive, beneficial and in limitation, which should not harm society, culture, heritage, women, children, old-ages and disable.

As I already told before that we have consume lots of natural resources and goods and are not able to return anything beneficial to the planet, but we are the only animal who can create and implement ideas.

We must have the feeling of helping other. Let’s not keep our society and country on conflict for own self prestige, self-priority.

As a superior animal, let’s change the superstitions of society and country. let’s provide awareness and education of gender equality, environmental care, social care and health care to children and youngsters.

Let’s take the responsibility of being human and change the mindset of everyone to direct the society toward positiveness.

We must introduce our country among the world with positive impact.

If we move forward with positive thoughts, one day our family will be known to be the positive and prestigious family, and the society will also be positive, loyal, and so the country will move toward positive progress.

The responsibility to develop a country is of human being. There is not any other animal which have made constitution. Humans are only one which have constitution and its own rule to live in the society.

Firstly, we must identify who we are, what we can do, for what purpose we are born? we must identify our capabilities before doing anything. If we move forward with positiveness, then definitely we will be counted as a remarkable personality in the sector.

From this blog, I just want to say that lets not be selfish and egoistic by thinking, because we are the reason by whom other beings are able to survive in this planet.

Somewhere, I feel that without us, other animals in this planet can survive better than we think. Our existence is also not so much beneficial for this planet in my point of view.

Our responsibilities

Let’s understand our responsibilities. What are we taking and what we are giving?

Let’s love and respect other animals of the planet. Our superiority is not to spread conflict and violence. Discriminating women’s or lower class human’s chain, also do not come under our superiority.

Creating conflict between different religions, caste, country is also not the Superiority as a human being.

We do not need to be great personality, higher level officer or anything else, we just, must save the planet as our responsibility.

Planet is not a simple topic. Its huge, so we must follow some steps to reach up to there such as:

Start from yourself

Be positive, so that your next generations will be positive and follow your path, be blind positive towards  your society, district, state, and the whole country will also become positive.

The world will respect and follow your steps if, you are positive.

End the threats like global threat, pollution threat, violence threat. If you want to be safe from these threats firstly you must change yourself into a positive and responsible human being. Something should be sacrificed to get some new.

something so; we should try to implement the changes in our behavior and daily life. Our small try can change the planet.

This is my thought, I am explaining through this blog. If you find out our thoughts are matching you can Implement, it in your daily life so that the society country and the world could be changed to the positive options.

I don’t want to be a great man. I am expressing my feelings to guide my coming generations, friends, and relatives to bring positive change among us.

So, let’s be superior and positive animal because now a days my friends are addicted to alcohol, smoke drugs and, they are spoiling their future.

In fact not only their future will be damaged but also their present is spoiled, because they do not have anyone for proper guidance, and they will suffer from different diseases.

Many people in this planet need to get public awareness because most of all are uneducated as a result, we can see covid which has launched due to human mistake and destroying the faith and living of humans.

We should have unity to control every situations.

Sometimes, I feel like we are called a superior animal only by our body characters, because even after many years,  we are not able to control the covid.

People are still dying due to covid, so this is an example why human should be positive and have unity with each other.

Different countries have made rules to be followed after covid but in our case no one is implementing rules and people are dying due to covid. This clearly shows there is no unity in our country. As a result, the pandemic is spreading everywhere rapidly.

There are different laws in our country, constitution is the book of law which is prepared including the feelings, ideas, and rights of every people. we must understand the book of law by our heart and sense, like touching fire burns, alcohol kills, these are the facts that everyone know since decades.

Everyone says not to fall in addiction but still people are addicted in these things. We must be able to sacrifice those addiction which are harmful to us, and the sacrifice is beneficial to our health. we should not do such thing which hurts people around us.

We must be the reason of smile and happiness of people around us, not be the reason of tears.

We should not put someone’s family in trouble, loss, depression, and destruction. We should not make them to take the step of suicide. We must leave the feeling of other destruction, and after that I think we can really match the level to become a superior animal.

Otherwise, I think superior animal is just a thought. But, the people are not showing their superiority. I think their thoughts are only for their self-development, rather than the development of this society country and planet.

I have seen such people who Create discrimination, fight, create conflict in the name of religion, create diplomatic political environment for self-benefit in our society. As a result, those people can reach up to higher position in the country and create negative impact and image among the classes.

Our country is a peaceful country, and our superiority is not to copy the steps of other countries. We have our own values; we do not need to copy others. We can use our resources positively to be developed. i.e., in my opinion that is superiority which I already told before.

We must love each other, help each other, we must raise our helpful hands to help poor and disable. Our hands should not harm others progress, happiness and unity.

We should use our hands for benefit of others. Our legs should not be raised to kick against others wishes and also our words should not hurt other feelings.

We human beings are such animal who consume every resource from this planet like air, water, light and so on… but are not able to return anything beneficial to this planet rather than ideas, for this reason we must be helpful, positive and create ideas for beneficial purposes.

We can use our ideas to create a beautiful poem, songs, and scenery so that upcoming generation can take it in a positive way.

We humans should not have feeling to hurt other, make other cry, harm other family and generations.

We should not implement wrong systems, trades, business, sell drugs to increase own bank balance. Only earning money should not be our aim because it flows river of blood and make destruction to upcoming generations, youngsters will be disabled and paralyzed.

So that we should understand and implement our responsibilities and duties.We should understand that our real assets are our health, father, mother, children, and wife. We should take care of our father, mother, children and appreciate the views and ideas of wife.

Helping factors that can move us towards positivity

If we understand these factors then we can move towards positivity.

We should not misuse others for own benefit whether it is animal, human or system and laws of country because every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

Negative actions cause destruction only. Money which is earned from illegal actions can give fame and prestige, but this is for short period of time. One day truth will reveal if you are corrupted.

So, let’s not do those works which destroy us by the end. our success is in our own hand, feature of making own ideas has given by nature to us so respect and implement the nature and our ideas. Let’s make positive ideas and thoughts and share it to our friends any family.

If our ideas match, then we can become a key of happiness and the key of happiness will be our property. So that our thoughts/ideas are only the products which human beings can return to the planet.

If you like my thoughts, then please read my writings.

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