A blog a day keeps the evil away and provides many good ideas to know; as the ideas are packed with my personal feelings, they may be proved much easier to grab on the go. The easy explanations and mnemonics style will definitely help to promote a harmonious and well-established human stamina, entertaining thoughts, and easing the extra symptoms of daily irritable syndromes at ideasaid.com, where I define everything exactly and accurately according to the situation of my blogs, readers, and the world.


D-do and define

E-everything exactly

A-and accurately, according to the

S-situations…about the ideas and plans that touch me, is the idea of writing blogs.

All the blogs (posts) equally followed by mnemonics in parallel may act as a brilliant hangover cure and help to restore normal ideas bolting daily habits. Please read a blog a day to keep the evils away to know about the incredible ideas and benefits loaded in each blog.

After visiting the blogs of ideasaid.com, you will definitely feel that your time is not being wasted. Even your mobile data or Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) has been well utilized; reading a blog a day keeps the evil away.

All my articles are in the typical English language. It is my trial on writing only the main things due to which you may sometimes think that the admin has skipped the grammar. The reason for skipping the grammar may be to drag and set the blogs to the main points making short and simple easy-to-pick and continue the memories whenever you like to refresh your ideas.

After reading my articles, you will definitely analyze that the articles posted by the admin are completely new or somewhat new and better than wasting time roaming the streets without a proper network of ideas. I am pretty sure that you will rate the contents of ideasaid.com paying every day the five stars of your time with a blog a day to keep the evils away.

Ideasaid.com is also like a capsule course in guiding the students to improve their English vocabulary from grade seven to heaven, which means for all ages. It is because almost all local messages are included in the ideas slides show of ideasaid.com, where you may feel that it is also a good platform for juniors to grab the meanings of words in parallel to the meanings of dictionaries. Spelling and meaning guidance is always readily packed for the junior readers if your parents allow you to be with ideasaid.com; otherwise, the recommended age is (18+)…

If your children know how to use mobile, or they waste their time playing games on mobile throughout the day or want to read some free online ideas improving articles, then please recommend them and your friends about my ideas slides. It is my genial request with all the honorable parents and readers to give their children and other family members a chance to read a blog a day to keep the evils away at ideasaid.com.

Ideasaid.com aims to be an online site of excellence by exploring fundamental ideas in the multi-field of both teaching and learning to produce civilized leaders with excellent ideas and knowledge of top quality evaluations, suitable from the primary to all levels.

I know little about all the countries but there are some countries about which I want to go in my own way of writing and they are England, America, France, Korea, Japan, India, China, Italy, Canada, German, Qatar, Australia, Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal and many more pouring my ideas and feelings over the countries I know only at ideasaid.com..please stay connected for more new blogs of ideas at ideasaid.com.

About the nations I know are those countries in which many of my friends and relatives live there. They keep talking about the place and nations they live in and work. Sometimes they come online and talk to me much better about their living nation; they talk about the transparent, cooperative systems, open-minded culture, easily adaptable traditional rules, free and fond of sharing ideas, tips, care, support, guidance, and many more…

I am VastrowMukesh, an ideas writer at ideasaid.com from Nepal, a more beautiful country than you know.

The people..my friends and my relatives when they come back to Nepal in their holidays and vacations tell me a lot about their temporary nation and the place they work in. I love hearing them and also listening to their verbal measurements in comparison to Nepal. They also deliver me the cause and conditions for leaving Nepal and many other things in detail. And, in the summary of the meeting, I come to realize that, whatever be the cause. Still, there is a truth that you all the persons are better than us in many ways because you have many cooperative ideas to engage huge members of Nepal under the features of your nation. And, I hope with all the global gentle, noble persons of the world that the same should always be good towards all the Nepalese living in your area and nation.

Magic of words in series at ideasaid.com

Please be our serial reader, serially from ideasaid.1. to recent blogs, to feel all the corners of my writing at ideasaid.com.

Ideas series at ideasaid.com completely aims at helping readers to overcome the phobias and problems dealing social subjects with confidence improving self-control over own mind, body and other disturbing activities by stimulating, correlating, and matching our ideas at a junction to coincide feeling, your ideas equally searched and presented in my ways.

My blogs comprehensively take care of all the topics covered in primary to all the confusing heights of human beings, meeting the social activities and exercises in my own word to share at ideasaid.com

Extensive drilling of ideas solved, including multiple-choice questions that keep hunting a human brain several times a day to disturb the progress in reaching a target of self-satisfaction. Sample of ideas at ideasaid.com or a journey of ideas “towards ideas lab” facilitate hands-on reading and learning the consolidations of ideas gone mathematically to account the ideas blogs as an authentic and readers friendly, because it is the ideas only which give us self satisfaction if come in the exact time of need.





S-satisfaction… It is the ideas that keep changing and searching the alternative options to self-satisfaction. Like foods for hunger, water for thirst, air for breathing, the ideas are for the headmaster of the body called the brain to self-satisfaction.

All ideas and concepts have been explained, meeting the social examples and illustrations at ideasaid.com, and every effort has been made to keep the blog errors-free.

I hope that the approach and information provided in the blogs will make the reading, learning, sharing, and self-teaching of ideas more meaningful and enjoyable with the experiences of ideasaid.com

I dream everyday a simple sentence at ideasaid.com





S-simple sentence at ideasaid.com I dream every day a social sentence at ideasaid.com, simple multi-projectile ideas against the annoying and disturbing social structures and human policies, hoping that my simple sentences may calm and connect you to the bigger channels of your choice.

Sharp ideas give us self satisfaction, joy, and happiness if not dulls the brain, pain, headache, depression, and hopelessness throughout the period of searching for new and sharp glamorous ideas, to self, push forward with Good luck and best wishes to a sign of self-satisfied progressive courage in your daily life and ideasaid.com is a right choice to assist you.

You do not have to read all my blogs in one day..please read A Blog A Day To Keep The Evils Away.

If you read all the blogs (articles) in a single day, then it may happen that you may not reach the exact senses of my feels, writing, and ideas saying…such as,

Always remember the magical words “pardon me,” “please,” “thank you,” and “much obliged.” 

Become familiar with the best approach to apologize appropriately, never whine, won’t ever interfere. Continuously ask somebody how they are getting along and what they need. 

Try not to get your backup zero because we follow alternate confidence, culture, convictions, and religions. 

Try not to take advantage of the questions and offers. Try not to think about anything personally. 

Losing your temper even once can lose you from a relationship, work, or local area, so select your best plans to live on carefully. 

Never, under any circumstance, be discourteous to somebody in help to relatives, companions, and family members you are locked in with; be straightforward. Clarify if clarification is needed. Try not to make guarantees you can’t keep and don’t make statements you don’t mean. 

Try not to be outraged if somebody takes you up on an offer you didn’t make genuinely. Never show up flat broken bones and never battle. 

Gain proficiency with the principles of being a decent visitor and a decent host. 

Try not to welcome yourself to any spots, don’t bring a date unannounced. 

Delicately tell a host/lady early on the off chance that you have some restrictions or limitations to your projects. 

If you have none, what they serve may not be your top pick; however, it won’t end you. Try not to tell at the table that you can’t eat this or that. Try not to request something different if you need that. 

Learn social graces. It makes a difference in our everyday lifestyle. 

Continuously offer a visitor, a seat and some reward immediately. 

At the point when welcomed at someplace, ask what you need. 

When welcoming individuals, they ask what they can bring on the off chance that they can bring, advise them to get themselves. 

While facilitating visitors, inquire whether there are any limitations or food varieties they can’t take. 

You don’t have to have extravagant food, a house, a vehicle, or a closet. Take significant considerations of what you have. 

Never be embarrassed about your identity, and never apologize for what you have to bring to the table. Be generous and deferential to yourself, and then you will think that it’s simple to be considerate to other people. 

Continuously act with your most high reasonable degree of individual trustworthiness. 

Get familiar with the worth of persistence. Things frequently have a method of working themselves out. 

Know about your environmental factors and your circumstances. Negligence is discourteous as damnation. Gain proficiency with the craft of casual discussion. Continue to utilize your overall presence of mind quietly. 

Try not to inquire whether you can smoke and take liquor and don’t smoke in another person’s home. Focus on knowing about the circumstances and time. 

Figure out how to acknowledge a commendation softly and generously, and figure out how to offer certified compliments. 

Living great is the best revenge. 

Learn it; you get more flies with nectar. 

Try not to rationalize your damaging practices. Apologize. 

Errors are essential for learning. Learn it, human make the errors and corrected by divines. Try not to be hesitant to commit mistakes, and don’t reprimand others for doing as such. Everybody commits errors. 

Figure out how to compose a card to say thanks on a paper and realize when to say them.

Keep a file of notes and stamps helpful. 

Continuously watch out for what you can offer or how you can help. 

Comprehend the significance of social correspondence. 

Figure out how to listen profoundly. 

Being a decent audience, in every case, is better compared to being a decent talker. 

Get familiar with the importance of humbleness. 

Get familiar with the name of receptionists and secretaries you see regularly. 

Tell individuals your name when you meet them. 

Kindly don’t request anyone’s telephone number, age, salary, or any odd sort that causes them to feel bothered: give them your number if necessary. 

Have a meeting card to bring to the table. Keep a card wallet with you. 

When managing misfortune, all that is important to say is that “I am so upset for your misfortune.” don’t disregard to say this. 

Try not to discredit others’ perspectives. You can affably say, “I disagree.” which is not quite the same as revealing to them they are incorrect, dumb, or silly. 

Figure out how to chuckle at yourself and write your errors. Try not to affront or giggle at the slip-ups of different people. 

Stay happy and lovely. 

Never hold ill will. Never look for revenge. 

Get familiar with the importance of staying out of other people’s affairs. 

Gain proficiency with the importance of self-distraction. 

When talking, ask yourself what is essential, exact, and kind. Should it be said? Is it necessary to be told at this moment or not? Should I describe it or not? 

Sharp criticism, offenses, and insults work just in films (movies). Developed individuals don’t utilize them. 

Bow to your seniors. If you are going down the walkway and an individual is coming in your direction, courteously clear out for them. On transports and prepares, offer them your seat. The equivalent goes for guardians with little kids and women of all ages. Keep the door open for individuals behind you. 

Figure out how to shake hands. Try not to be irritated on the off chance that they say they can’t shake hands: the specific purposes behind this are strict limitations, maybe because of Covid, or difficult joint pain, change the topic there and move to the easy options.

Try not to offer, warmly greet a woman until she offers her hand to you. 

Gently up your hands around. 

Try not to yell at individuals. Keep your temper. 

Expect and treat each man as a nobleman and each lady as a woman. Be noble or elegant. It intends to comprehend that you deserve deferential treatment, as is every other person, for the way they are individuals. Societal position and method of dress have nothing to do with it. 

Try not to advise others how to feel, what to wear, or to grin. 

Try not to remark on the personal appearance, discourse, or propensities of other people. 

On the off chance that you won’t discover something better to say, don’t utter a word by any means. 

Try not to talk about age, religion, salary, or governmental issues. Try not to inquire whether any woman is pregnant, hooked or not, or has any children. 

Try not to offer individuals wellbeing guidance except if you are their primary care physician. 

Try not to zero in the discussion on discussing yourself. Get some information about themselves. 

Gain proficiency with the importance of affliction. 

Peruse and be perusing, in any event, “a blog a day.” Trust me consistently on this one. 

Be exactly where you say you will be, and don’t be late for courses of action. Call ahead if you realize you will be late. 

Try not to murmur before others. 

Try not to eat before another person without offering them something of it. 

Except if settled upon, when out on the town or excursion with a companion, set your telephone aside. You should check it off chance since you anticipate a significant call, say as much, apologize, and pardon yourself to take the requirements. 

A contender is your best educator. A decent rival is forever your best teacher. A troublesome individual or circumstance is your otherworldly educator. Draw in these things fittingly. 

Become familiar with the importance of equity. 

Become familiar with the importance of administration, particularly to your local area. 

Kindly support other people who can’t protect themselves. Try not to allow menaces to have their direction. 

Figure out how to hear what a kid is saying to you. Kids are people too. 

Try not to neglect individuals since they can’t advance your inclinations. 

Gain proficiency with the distinction between a social relationship and a business relationship. 

Peruse a book on way convention consistently.

Defend yourself. You can do as such and stay amicable. Gain proficiency with the importance of self-esteem. 

Keep awake on recent developments and situations. 

Try to incorporate individuals. Kindly don’t take part in serious jokes, explicit subjects, or expert language that cause others to learn about left except if you can clarify and bring them along. 

Figure out how to peruse the indications of fatigue in others. 

Try not to drive an association. Keep it moving. 

See how to deal with and gain from dismissal thoughtfully. 

Gain proficiency with the specialty of acquainting individuals with one another. On the off chance that you carry somebody to an occasion where you know a more significant number of individuals than they do, take care of them and make a point to present them around and help them feel comfortable. 

Never examine get-togethers before individuals who are not welcomed. 

No odd sociopolitical contentions. Leave the pointless tips. 

Try not to overlook the individual looking out for you. Say please and much obliged. 

At the point when vital, get down on the wrong form. Try not to endure the maltreatment or denigration of others. Make some noise obligingly and bit by bit. 

It doesn’t matter what; figure out how to have a feeling of extent. 

Be benevolent because everybody you meet is in a contending energetic fight to progress and self-eminence.

I thank you all and always for donating and matching your precious time values with positive friendship continuity and attaching my blogs to your personal interest, allowing and installing them to your daily matches..by reading my blogs..peel the words to feel the exact versions of my writing and efforts in writing, with a blog a day keeps the evil away.

No hurry..no worry..cool and happy ending..cool and happy reading..cool and enjoy reading a blog a day keeps the evil away.

Ideas revitalizing the brain daily at ideasaid.com and your regular presence at my website refresh my pleasure to be with great positive persons like you.

It is always my Good luck to be your friend.

Ideasaid.com..a circus of ideas..circus of words..zoomed-in manual words version, filling the absolute ideas gaps in the absolute time of need with almost all the local messages included inside the presentation of the ideas of fill post ideas writer, the admin ideasaid.com.

…End of Blog number 3…!

Please Keep reading and matching opinions…

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You are reading IdeaSaid blog number 3, and I hope you are satisfied with it. Please come again; somebody will be happy.

A professional reader reads the author, not only the books.

Put these key points into practice and see yourself improving.

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Thank You for reading this blog; we respect your share, comments, judgments, likes, and views…Please google it..to reach more ideas, readers…

I wish You all the best of Luck… https://www.ideasaid.com

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