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Human nature depends upon the modes of feeling, listening, thinking, analysing, behaving and acting. The term human is often controversial regarding the nature and essence of humanity with their needs and wishes. This idea also continues to play a mainstay of arguments and debates among the philosophers, scientists and social figures.

The human nature can be contrasted in many ways. Because of, welfare considerations and activities some studies say that human is the most superior animal of this planet, whereas because of destructive contrary views, many studies also code it as the worst animal of this planet.

Human nature vary among human to human, depending upon the culture, beliefs, ideas of feeling, listening, thinking, behaving, analysing and acting.

Human nature is nothing, just a bundle and display of ideas. Idea is like the domain, human the dashboard with several links and connections, title the nature, permalink the activities coded with feelings to display in the blogs of life.

Ideas play role in feeling, listening, thinking, analysing, behaving, acting and many more. Ideas also play role in culture analysis, beliefs verification, manners coding, a guide to vision, listening and replying humbly which are also heavely influenced by surroundings, family members, parents, teachers and friends. It is the self ideas of human nature that drags a human to become what they want to become. In turn, it has been understood that human ideas and nature play strong special connections in building a superior animal or collapsing the superior animal with all the features of superiority.

The ideas and forms of human also vary according to the intentions and goals of living. There are many forms of human who intend to live naturally, supernaturally, master power with master piece authorities, noble and normal life style but all the forms may vary according to position and conditions they are flowing through.

In fact, all the human beings are multi coloured animal with different confusing heights to be summarised in a single shot of the vision.

There are very few human who live with constant nature and habits throughout their life. There are rare human beings who live playing the same role throughout the periods of life. The roles keep varying according to the level of thinking and the the situations make to think. There are rare human beings who can live politely throughout their whole life, to keep changing is the nature of human.

The ideas of thinking, learning and behaving is directly proportional to the guardians shaping figure.

Similar to the flowing water of a river, a normal river do not break the banks until being forced and powered by the rain water or the other donating sources of water. The power of controlling and managing depends within the carrying strength of length, breadth and the depth of the banks of the river playing the role of a guardian, matching the speed of flow. Similar, to this phenomena, the burst of human ideas may vary according to the powers boosting the factors. Such as, the ways of being motivated, inspired, pleased and many other social and unsocial factors following the genuine nature and conditions of the human with underlying mechanisms.

The human of any type without self fixed ideas of thinking, living, reasoning, analysing and behaving can be deceived by the external targets trying to cancel their mentality anytime they wish. It is because nearly all the human beings live confused and variable lifestyle, that is me verses me to human verses human for better job, promotion, salary, honor,power and dignities.

And, this the idea of being human of human or master of masters is what makes a man to live tensed, worried, unstable, unsatisfied and artificial lifestyle for better tomorrow with all the best power of voice.

Idea is like the shadow following and changing in the every steps of life, which depends upon the characters the mind and body involved into.

In simple sense, we can say that ideas are the parents of knowledge, skills, communications, habits, nature, behaviour, thinking and judgement, etc. Good ideas make us humble human with good sense of humour and bad ideas drive us to many worst accidental factors giving pain and troubles throughout the life. Good ideas are the chief source of all the long term happiness and satisfaction.

There are two chief managers of our body, who play equal role in displaying what we are. One is the brain with auto power of coding and analysing the ideas and other is the heart, which is like the sensor of brain, supplying energy and flow to blow the ideas. The speed of supplying energy to brain and other parts of body play great roles in coding the nature of human.

Human being is only the superior and master animal of this planet, who have all the required sense to carry the every steps of life. All the people have some purpose of living.

Some people live their life for self purpose only, whose meaning of living is nothing more than caring their own small nuclear family.

Some people live their life for self purpose with a bit advanced thinking, whose meaning of living extends to care taking of their joint family members as well.

And, some people live their life for self purpose with more advanced and broad thinking, whose meaning of living goes frankly to equal care taking of their society and nation, animals, plants and environment. This type of people are the well wishers and good care takers of the surroundings of earth, for whom all the beings and things of earth are equal.

where as, some people live their life for self purpose, with the ideas of revenge and discriminations. These types of people are basically dishonest, who live cheating other people for building self purposes. This type of people often pretend to live humble life but in fact their target is always fixed to grab the master piece authorities. This type of people can do anything to reach their goal. They are fast in changing their appearance and wisdom according to the situations of life. They know how to prove themselves good, even in the worst situations of life. It is their nature to move forward by cheating, challenging and disturbing the general life style of ordinary people. They do not want to see anyone more powerful and prestigious than them. They live their life with many kinds of egos. They do not prefer living simple and general life style, earning more prestige and pride is the main key of their living. According to my study, by scanning the attitude of this type of people, you may easily come to a conclusion that their chief hidden idea is something parallel to the ideas of making a new universe or to,


U-universe and




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