In the series of writing, I want to present my blog number 7 to all of you. I hope you all will enjoy reading my blog.

After many days, I am trying to continue my new blog. In fact, due to the pandemic chain of covid 19, I was away from writing my new blogs.

The peace time to write a blog is necessary, a calm mood of creativity is also needed while writing a blog (post). But, the pandemic covid was a reason where we all fell into the confusions of saving lives. Because of which I was not able to write and publish my blogs calmly.

I had given confidence to all of my readers that I will write and publish daily a new blog, but due to the pandemic daily blog was missed. I hope you all will forgive me for the delay.

Due to the rising rate of the covid and this terrible pandemic, I was away from writing my new blogs. I wished that this pandemic time would soon turn into new hopes so that I too could happily continue writing the blogs.

But, still the time is not as I had hoped, the cases of virus is still rising above the limits. Because of which I feel very depressed.





D-day by day… is a reason of my depression and fear.

I pray to God that this time be away very soon.

In the series of my writing, I am going to mention the A To Z summary of my ideasaid, where the writing of my blogs would also mean to be similar to:-









I-ideas in

J-joying, joyfully the

K-kinds of

L-life, lifetime looking, love, likely

M-my mnemonics





R-regarding root

S-shoot, stem

T-to top trees the



X- x (cross)


Z-zip…in my own ways of writing.

In this blog number 7, I will focus on that how my writing style with the further blogs of ideasaid will take you to double meaning of ideas so that you can easily grab high ideas without any cones left unanswered.

after reading my blogs series the Ideas series, you will definitely come to know the kinds of life coping or disturbing the paths of ideas flow.

My mnemonics are the chief hands guiding you to value the roles and roots of ideas from the herbs to the top of trees the universal facts and the relation of the universe to our mankind in daily life.

All the blogs are the result of my personal query, and the same questions are a great part of the confusion in the life of an ordinary person like me.

After following and reading my blogs a day may come when you will realize that lots of common confusions are simply dealt with and explained at ideasaid.

Where you may realize that you have learned (law-earned) something new and your valuable time is not wasted following my blogs.

For now, I would like to say that please take care of yourself in covid 19 because the pandemic has not gone yet.

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