At this time, we are definitely investing more time at home because of the global lockdown due to the pandemic. Following general sound living guidance like having an appropriate diet, remaining hydrated, being active, getting sufficient rest, and managing pressure are the best suggestions for staying firm during isolation or self-separation. 

Basically, there are no certain food sources or improvements that can ‘support’ our resistant framework and prevent or treat COVID-19. Eating at even routine, with a lot of green leafy foods, whole grains, proteins, and low fats, is the ideal approach to get every one of the fundamental supplements we need for great wellbeing and ordinary immune capacity. As self-separation may lead us to be less dynamic, it is also critical to give close consideration to food orders and keep our energy balance according to issues. 

Amid vulnerability, we are restless, miserable, strained, and frightened. Keeping a typical day-by-day schedule can help deal with a portion of this pressure. We can do this by adhering to common dining times and arranging dinners in need of time. This can help us control hunger levels, meet our supplement necessities, and benefit from the food we have, lessening food waste. 

During extensive stretches of pressure, we may end up eating an excess, remaining at home for longer periods may likewise lead us to nibble out of fatigue. Practicing careful eating habits can be a valuable system to keep a sound connection with food and to assists all with adjusting energy demand. 

Try not to attempt to finish the entire plate. On the off chance that you feel full, securely keep the extras. 

Keeping hydrated is fundamental for general wellbeing. How much water we need relies upon our age, weight, level of actual work, and natural conditions (for example, a warm climate will probably expect you to drink more water)—considering that around 20-30% of the water we need comes from our food.

On the off chance that you approach safe tap water, this is the best and least expensive. For reviving support, you can add cuts of lemon, cucumber, mint, or berries. Different drinks like unsweetened products and tea or mixed are likewise good decisions for hydration. 

Be that as it may, great sanitation practices are essential to limit the danger of foodborne ailments. 

Wash your hands for 20 seconds with a cleaner when planning or eating foods.

Cover your mouth and nose with a mask or your elbow when you cough or sneeze, and make sure to wash your hands and elbow after. 

Wash leafy foods before eating them.

Clean the surfaces and items when used. 

Keep raw and cooked food varieties separate to keep away from unsafe organisms.

Try to cook and warm food sources to satisfactory temperatures (≥72°C at least for 5-6 minutes or more). Let them meet their complete boiling temperature and time.

Active work benefits both the body and brain. Grown-ups should focus on, in any event, 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise every day and at any rate 1 hour for children (5-19 years). 

Plan time for actual work and moderate exercise in your day.

Take a normal speedy walk whenever allowed.

Follow an online exercise class and practice them accordingly at your home, following the instructions.

Consider some fresh possibilities: exercises like moving, playing, running, cleaning the house, or playing with your children are all considered active work. 

An absence of value rest can contrarily influence both our physical and psychological wellness just as diminish our safe framework’s capacity to ward off contaminations. The measure of rest we need relies upon our age. Grown-ups should plan to get at least 7 hours of rest every day. Stress achieved by the COVID-19 pandemic may have an adverse consequence on our rest. Subsequently, we should attempt to need great resting propensities and guarantee we are getting enough. 

Set up an ordinary comfortable rest plan.

Avoid liquor, and please don’t smoke during the period of the pandemic.

Stay away from caffeine before sleep time.

Exercise routinely.

Keep your room cool, bright, and at a pleasant temperature. 

There is a ton of fake news surrounding COVID-19 on the web and web-based media. Significantly, ensure we get our data from reliable sources, like government sites or sites of confided in the public or global association.

Though it is critical to remain educated and active with the accepted procedures to remain protected during this time, we should attempt to watch news that causes us easiness and influences our psychological wellness. For more data, see WHO – Mental wellbeing and psychosocial studies during the COVID-19 episodes. 

Continuously wear a mask when outing. Masks are a vital measure to control transmission and save lives. Mask-wearing decreases potential openness hazard from a contaminated individual if they have. It protects the wearer from getting infected, and it also prevents ahead transmission when worn by an individual who is contaminated. Please clean your hands before putting on or taking your mask and stop touching it during use. 

Wash your hands for 20 seconds with a cleaner and water after shopping for food, unloading food varieties by wearing a mask.

Keep a protected distance of 1+1 meters, left+right+front+back equally from others when outing.

Try not to go out on the town to shop if you are rubbed out in crowds, where likely, request your goods on the web or have some educated family members or companions drop them off.

Attempt to restrict outings to the grocery store, shop at odd hours, utilize self-checkouts however much as could reasonably be expected, and pay through electronic or contactless methods if you can. 

Try not to touch your face, nose, and mouth before washing your hands. 

Please do not touch anywhere above the neck before cleaning your hands.

Practice respiratory hygienic and wear a mask while breastfeeding. Wash hands before and after touching the infant. Regularly clean breast areas.

As nations are taking more grounded measures to control the spread of COVID-19, Just as that appearance of acute respiratory illness displays, all people are being mentioned to remain at home. In many nations, essential things are getting less accessible. 

Noted nutrition is urgent for wellbeing, especially on occasions when the immune framework has to retaliate. 

Please take diets in general with low fats, sugars, and salt. Regardless, even with not many and restricted fixings, one can keep eating that supports great wellbeing or consult your doctor for proper nutritional support online.

It is also critical to remain genuinely dynamic for ideal wellbeing but nothing to do; you can if you try staying at your best. 

Numerous instances of over-buying have been noticed all through the regions of the world. Frenzy purchasing conduct may have unfortunate results, for example, an increase in food costs—overconsumption of food and an inconsistent conveyance of items. 

It is accordingly imperative to think about your own requirements, just as those of others. Evaluate what you have at home and plan your selection. You may want to buy a lot of food items, yet try to consider and use what is now in your home, just as food sources with a more limited timeframe of realistic usability. This way, you can keep away from food waste and permit others to get the food they need. 

During normal life, numerous people frequently don’t have the opportunity to get ready home-prepared dinners. Investing now longer energy times at home may offer you the likelihood of making those plans you didn’t before. Numerous sound and scrumptious plans can be found on the web. 

Keep your hands, kitchen, and utensils clean.

Limit your salt, sugar, and fat, take enough dietary foods, stay hydrated, keep away from liquor, take family dinners.

Eggs are examples of extraordinary protein and supplements and are unbelievably helpful. Choose to boil better than frying.

In simple language to understand,

Please remember the mnemonic MADS


A-Anti-oxidant diets



These four guidelines are essential to control the spread of covid the mad virus, locking globe.

Not only the use of the mask can control the virus spread, not only the use of sanitizers can control the spread of the virus, not only anti-oxidant diets can control the spread of virus or neither social distancing alone is sufficient to chase this virus.

Overall, we should focus on these four mentioned ways equally to remain safe and healthy.

100% guaranty is possible if the four measures are accepted regularly in our life.

Mask = 25%

Anti-oxidant diet = 25%

Distancing = 25%

Sanitization = 25%

M.A.D.S. or D.A.M.S. (D-Distancing, disinfection A-anti-oxidant diets M-Mask must S-sanitization frequently) can control the spread of virus significantly. Mads or dams (barriers) method with mnemonic guidelines to follow from an ordinary human requested in controlling the virus, please follow it.

As we all know, distancing is the best way to control the spread of the virus, and for this purpose, global lockdown is in action. But for many reasons, locking all humans is not always possible; in any case, when you go out, the use of a mask must be followed as instructed. On the way, we have habits of touching and testing many things for which cleaning hands with soap and sanitizer is focused. I have also mentioned proper sanitization, mask-wearing, and the role of distancing and vaccine in my previous blogs; please go through them.

Now, what is the exact role of anti-oxidant diets against covid? The best answer is,

The outer layer of covid is made up of lipid, which means fat in general language, and fat means oil.

To focus and remember is, the things that can clean oily surfaces and substances can kill the virus.

Just try to think yourself, what are those things that can clean the oily surfaces?

For example:- cold water, no it can not, you can not clean oily surfaces with cold water. You will need warm water to clean the oily surfaces; thus, cold water has no role in killing this virus.

It is the reason you are frequently advised to take warm water to drink instead of cold water.

Soap, detergents, salts, honey, and fire-ash can also clean the oily surface and are also good agents to kill the virus.

If you don’t find soap and sanitizer to disinfect surfaces or if soap and sanitizers are too costly to use, you can try fire-ash if available (something is better than nothing).

Lemon juice is good for cleaning the oily surface. Thus, it is also suitable for killing the virus.

And, now let me summarize my writing stating that the substances which can clean oily surfaces can sufficiently clean or kill the virus, in the same way, to kill the virus in the respiratory tract, we need to boost our immune system. The natural immune system is enabled adequately by anti-oxidant diets, for example, fruits, warm water, warm foods, tulsi, honey, banana, garlic, ginger, mint, berry, black pepper, and many more vegetables. Please think yourself to use those items that clean the fatty, oily surfaces.

You can take warm rice with Pulse mixed salt and ginger.

You can take vegetables mixed with ginger and garlic.

Please, cut ginger of small chocolate (lozenge) size and use them in your cooking items. The number of family members equal to the number of chocolate-sized ginger, and latter distribute equally among all the family members on the dining table.

Raw garlic and ginger can bother your dinner, thus take cooked.

Honey, tulsi, garlic, ginger, salt, cucumber, carrot, onion, radish, potato with skin, and all other anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables you know, play a significant role in killing the virus within the respiratory tract before reaching the lungs.

Please attention:-

Do not take any of the mentioned amounts in high doses.

This suggestion of anti-oxidant diets may not be good for infants, pregnancy, anemic, diabetic and high blood pressure patients, or low blood pressure. For renal, cardiac, ophthalmic, severe muscular pain, joint pain, headache, please consult your doctor for nutritional guidance and dose fixation.

Specified:- Taking a high dose of ginger, black pepper, Tulsi, and garlic can cause cardiac overload and cardiac pain, for which a small chocolate size is mentioned; for detail, please consult your nutritional doctor.

Taking honey daily can reduce cardiac pain and maintain hydration; please try daily with one or two tablespoons of honey (bedtime and in the early morning if non-diabetic).

And, let us do our part:-


C-Control contamination

O-One of


I-Important idea is

D-Distancing…Please follow and spread this message to save lives.

And, do not forget to take vaccine against covid.

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