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Welcome to my permanent address Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal

With 25 Years Of Excellence

Dear Parents and students


The R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School came into its presence on 27th February 1997 (16th Falgun 2053) to boost the present generation’s academic artistic prototypes and significance.

Since then, our schooling methods have become multifaceted, clutching on new dimensions. 

We train the students for a new world ranking, which is challenging to solve; rather than merely acquiring facts, they need to be fitted with life talents. 

The academy aims to grow the child into a liable background intended and competent adult, qualified to seek and cultivate mastery that will help attain academic and professional success within principled and moral importance.

Our great satisfaction

 Our great satisfaction is to report that The R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School has come to long-form progress since its institution and has progressed as a pioneer academy in Malangwa, Sarlahi of Nepal. 

After a long prosperous educational expedition, we have come with a unique spiritual glow in teaching for our educational strategy.

Our learning method at The R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School is child – centric, nurturing, activity-based understanding and inculcating a scientific character and a complimentary search essence. 

We inspire our tutors to nourish an environment for finding self-suitable, easy, and safe corners, where pupils are boosted to be innovative and interested in self-learning instead of routing by burdening the kids with educational obligations.

We began our quest for better education on 27th February 1997 (16th Falgun 2053), and since then, it has become a tremendous remarkable experience so far. 

In this context, we passionately accept everything that this school stands for and its commitment to being a trendsetter in education in Nepal.

Education of the highest grade is the most beautiful blessing parents can give to their children. 

The coming years will need extraordinary educational and for this philosophical originality to bring on leadership positions and handle the world’s multiple challenges. 


We follow the Nepal Government rules in R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School, where educational and visionary workouts allow all the students to discover and re-discover their essences.

At R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School, we apprehend that the students need not always be taught to do things the way grown-ups think is correct. Instead, they should be allowed to understand in their own way, under the guidance of teachers.

We are promised and proved to live

We are promised and proved to live up to the rising expectations of parents and students. We keep promises, and so the students imaged.

We have also set a benchmark in quality education where teaching and learning are enjoyable, clear, and specific, most notably, within reach of the students by the teachers and for the students.


At Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal

Most importantly, we teach our students to succeed over the confusing heights of humans.

Our mission at Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal is to provide a peaceful, balanced learning environment of excellence and train the ages for the centuries – to become the repository of profound responsibility to Nepalese ethos and civilization in its pristine state.


We aim to encourage the students to discover and realize their possibilities and determine to reach their destinations in an atmosphere of prosperous schooling, pleased and rhythmic learning while maintaining the actual core of togetherness. 

We aim to fetch liable citizens to Nepal who create a difference and who will also make the school and the country proud of their achievements at stellar individual grades.


We provide better schooling which facilitates the learning of Science & Technology, Liberal Arts, social terminologies, learning according to the skill and prospect of the students.  

To grip students in a beneficial setting of understanding and self-development, focusing on a reliable value strategy, cognitive skill, and natural wellness.


Our vision is to create the students for vitality by:- 

Widening the horizons of our students so that their world confines the whole of humanity.

Heightening our students’ ideas and their views so that their wisdom becomes the pars to achieving that epitome of sense in which the analytical mind goes hand in hand with logical conclusions.

We frequently guide and support our students to incorporate the fundamental importance of excellence, truthfulness, humbleness, and disciplined domain as a vital part of their being.

confidently crushing the challenges

We also guide our students to become contented individuals whose potency lies in meeting adversities without fear and confidently crushing the challenges.


We are regularly available on time from 9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM. 

The curriculum is high quality; the school efforts to provide family ethos and improve learning where the students are cared for, listened to, and valued as an individual nation builder.

The teachers provide a high level of support: In a home and away from home offers a safe and secure environment and quality education by well experienced and highly dedicated teachers team.


stress-free environment

Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal

At The R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School, we plan to provide the highest educational grade in a secured, encouraging, and stress-free environment.

The R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School is a school fully set to provide stress-free learning chances to our students in all possible ways. 

The whole school ward generates unlimited help to build and run systems that scaffold our effort to provide the best education. 

Our status of maintenance and clearance is unpaired as we identify and observe the distinctions in individual students.

An essential feature of our school is enabling and bolstering the bond between the academy, students, and the parents of the R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School like a family member.

We believe a well-planned school journey for every child brings about a praising change in their upbringing, giving them many options to prove their alternatives give a shape. 

We also train our students to overcome the ever-changing world’s challenges with courage and confidence at R. R. Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School. 

We continuously touch

We continuously touch the latest academic courses and approaches with professional, trained, skilled, prepared, and highly qualified experienced teachers intended to guide on constantly updated development.

RR School


We aim to qualify our pupils to become humble citizens of tomorrow.

Along with studies, we also teach our students about the values and importance of civilization, culture, manner, and discipline. 

We understand that children are innocent and tenacious, occupant by characters. They are taught that children who respect their parents, seniors, and relatives and realize the chain of togetherness, love their juniors, and all the other creatures of this planet can always become good and cooperative citizens. 

Children who do not make their parents upset and angry are always wide open to humble citizens. 

We also orient our students on how to speak, when to speak, and why to speak because we realize that every child has evil sides more than the power of coping positivity. 

We also teach by assuming that children are spoiled by the love of their parents and other family members/relatives. They like to remain stucked to what they know, and they think they are always right; they wish not to read, write and learn more than what they know because attempting new tasks and assignments are not easily absorbed by their rigid characters.

Due to this, sometimes, we deal strictly with the students so that they can replace evil characters by the zenith of our good morals and live self-fitted to meet the rapidly changing switches of the globe. It is because there is victory over fear. 

The current time is equal to both the online and offline competitions. 

We all know that years ago, only offline studies were performed, but nowadays, people/students pay more time on social channels than the school periods, whose demerit is that they scroll, watch, share and comment like a literate and wise people, but the sense of replying goes – empty vessels make much more sound. 

Where people usually fail to grab the positive senses of the vibes and comment or reply whatever they wish and however they like, the result of this, they get tagged to cyber law or try to rise above the socially bearable conditions, it is because of their better schooling is the fault or parenting under questionnaire. 

We all know that there is no proper study and individual guidance regarding coding manners, building social characters, and improving discipline in college or after the secondary (school) level.

Education-based on such topics occurs only at the school level and is the reason we are strictly punctual on duty with a dream to produce masters for the country. 

RabiRaj School

We also share

Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal

We also share at Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal with our students that the beginning of the day starts with questions, immediately heeded after we wake up, and the several questions keep touching us to knock down and insult. 

And in this context, responding in the right way is the most cultured way to win the respect of other human beings, and it’s true.

Thus, the summary of learning is all that means overcoming, replying, or commenting in a civilized way, showing the best parts of your gene. 

The real meaning of life is also how much simple, genuine, honest, and easy you talk to other people.

The pleasure of life is also based upon how you reply and what you reply. This is why sometimes we guide our students with our strict codes so that they remain in their safe zone and are sure to succeed with a hopeful future. 

We also guide our students – on why to comment, where to comment, and how to comment in order to remain in a safe zone even in Cyber ​​Tube or offline social channels. 

Our school facilities and the building is very simple, but our aim of creating bright stars for society and the nation is never compromised.


Several times, it has been complained that we have hurt many parents and teachers; But as far as we are concerned, we do not agree that we have hurt any guardians/teachers and students.

It is not exactly the hurt; it is just a result of our hardship trials to reach the targets that we aim to equip the individuals after the tuition fees we get to mold the students into a fine star of VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red= colors of the sunlight).

Malangwa, Sarlahi, And Nepal

We aim to decorate Malangwa, Sarlahi, And Nepal with the most updated educational status of the highest grades, and this is what we have been doing since our establishment. And it may be a reason the guardians and teachers are hurt because sometimes they flow beyond the school’s policies. 

We are also sorry to hear that we do not leave even a rupee in tuition / class fees; and the reason behind this may be because of the terms agreed during the admission policy with administrative opinions, not to love someone specifically or to hurt somebody particularly, all are equal in the school premises.

And, I don’t think it is a matter of such a great hurt. We are also well known for paying salary on time to our school staffs, and so we appreciate timely paying guardians to the school.

Like the other schools, we also have the facility of discounts, to know in detail, please get in touch with the office administration.

Money messes humiliate.

We also instruct our children that when you have to deal with your private life after completing your studies, just remember one thing in social life: keep the works of financial transactions transparent, evident, and straightforward because money messes humiliate.

And, we are glad to hear that none of our students have been involved in earning income from an unscrupulous brokerage or living life by deceiving the socially acceptable terms and policies.

School is a better place than your home to study

We also get to hear complaints and grudges that the school give very few holidays. Undoubtedly, it is because we always wish to keep our students under strict supervision and far away from the external turbulent environment, with a moral “School is a better place than your home to study.” We like being with the students all the time.

Some negative people also say that the teachers of our school remain absent for many days and the classes remain disturbed. For such people, I would like to tell them in a good and simple way; before you stay clinched to an arbitrary decision, please compare the result of our school with the other schools.

These are the only complaints and grudges that we keep hearing about our school. We do not seriously take such grudges because we believe that the administration must have some unique characteristics to deal equally with the vast majority of students.

Temples are many, but all the Gods are not manly; all that glitters is not gold.

If prayers are not accepted and wishes not full filled of the guardians, in that case, or if their children become paralyzed by their habits and characters, evil companions, manners, and discipline or completely unable to prevent their children from these types of mannerly shaded life, collapsing future, in such cases guardians always remember us for better progress in manner, character, habits, discipline and with all other essential bits improvement for life, it is also what we assist to build.

come-pair (=compare)

RabiRaj (R.R.) Sure Success is in itself a non-comparable school, we don’t compare with you or anybody, never feel compared, we try to come-pair (=compare) with us, in improving the required bits through our guidance by all the wings of our loads and burdens, to cheers your life. 

It is all we install the essential educational bits only, into the manner discs of their life, the rest they do by themselves.

Ours passed out students

Ours passed out students:- The more they were obedient in school, the more they ranked in personal pride.

We also emphasize using words and sentences properly while teaching the classes because using words and sentences is an essential part of life, proving humans are better than other animals.

Malangwa is a small town

Malangwa (the headquarter of Sarlahi district), it is a small town, and people from different village areas come here to seek a hopeful future for their children; they enroll their children under the terms and conditions of our school to reach their targeted destiny and get all-round education where we play to rehearse the students for their aim. 

We do not allow the guardians, teachers, and students to be part of our school who interfere with the discipline, reputation, and targets to meet the chambers of our normally flowing administration. Because, it is not a matter of one student, it is the subject of life.

We also know that some parents, teachers, and students keep us denigrating and smearing us online and offline; it may be because of their understanding and judgment – the deficient. It hurts to notice many children are spoiled, and also, many parents rotted after their children; in such cases, we are always the first option by the guardians.

We are always good among good people

RabiRaj Sure Success School

Everyone knows that our school holds a good identity in keeping promises; this is why we are always good among good people.

Sometimes, It has also happened that some guardians removed their children from our school, claiming that they will enroll their children in school better than us and shape their children’s future much better than we do. But, everyone knows the result.

If their children lived with us, they would have definitely reached some fair destiny, but their parents spoiled their children by disconnecting from our guidance.

We have certified and satisfied hundreds of children with their hopeful future, but some parents failed to improve even a single child, disconnecting from us. This is why we say that the parents are not always right, because, throughout their whole life, their own children did not improve under their guidance.

We do not beat or punish children; we only treat the fatal evil displays trying to overcome their age limit. 

There are no records of mentally tortured or grievous hurt, or any students have been seriously injured. It is just to drag the evils on the right path to produce a “self man army” in humble bodies. We all know that “a child means nasty begins” if left untreated. We treat with love and sympathy.

We welcome the guardians of a cooperative mentality. 

We welcome the teachers who are always willing to teach the students their best parts by installing all the ingredients into the beautiful brain of our students.

Teachers Vacancy

Teachers Vacancy:- Interested teachers from skill level to master’s level (in arts, education, commerce, science, computer, health, and technical fields) are always welcome to stay connected with us (for full time/ part time engagement).

Skill-level teachers (=painters, poets, dancers, musicians, magicians, martial arts, yoga, athletes, and sports) can also apply to entertain and train our students.

Teachers with majors in English, maths, science, Nepali, Environment-population, social study, commerce, law students, Health Assistants, and staff nurses can also apply to assist our students and administration purposes with their bio-data.

We also welcome the students 

We also welcome the students who are always eager to read and learn by refilling the weak points of their class. 

Against the official policies of the ground

We have not removed any student from our school attendance up to now. We have removed only those students whose guardians argued against the official policies of the ground.

Whoever the students were, we are still unhappy with their immature departure. 

It was not the student’s fault that the students dropped out our school, but their parents’ fault and is the reason we train our students with all the possible factors to overflow the container beyond the guardian’s target so that no students get a gap to drop out our policies. 

We still keep recalling their memories of leaving our school innocently; wherever they are, please keep progressing like the regular students of our school do, with lots of love from RRSS-SEB-School. 

We are equally live and ready for our passed out students, dropped out students, and the students on duty with daily assignments with good wishes and best of luck from RRSS-SEB-School. 

Today, we also feel pleased, for our students who were removed from our school due to unfavorable conditions, come to us under the admission policy. Enrolling their children for a bright destiny make us realize that we are leading the second generation of Nepal with 25 years of excellencies. 

We are also the mentors of two generations, Those who were children in our age, today we are teaching their children for ages, as a school of parents and their children too.

And the same paragraph goes for our regularly passed out students, but the students who have regularly passed out from our school do not send their children to us because they are on duty far away from Malangwa, but when they come to Malangwa they do. 

Ours regularly passed out students have some common characteristics; they are well-reputed in their service field, which makes us feel pleased and dreams come true. 

Today, we are popularly known for producing many scholarships and self-financed doctors (M.B.B.S./B.D.S./Specialists), nurses, engineers, lecturers, teachers, principals, Chartered accountants and many more. 


Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal

It is also more pleasant to announce that some of our students are on PH.D. assignments with gold medalists the seniors of Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal.

The best part is that we have successfully fed them stress-free educational formulas with all the favorable qualities of a humble human, so they mean our side. May God bless you all and beautify your names and dreams. 

The biggest thing is that the students educated from our school never went to wrongdoings and please never go further.

Always support us with a free heart

The guardians/persons who are educated, civilized, visionary, and good analysts always support us with a free heart. They are fine and pleased with the modes of our schooling.


The double R. R. stands for Rabi Raj

R – Rabi (=”Rabi“ndra / Rabindra sir)

and other R stands for 

R – RAJ (=Raj“eshwari / Rajeshwari ma’am Rajkali)

Nice To Know: Summary of RabiRaj Sure Success:-

If to present RabiRaj Sure Success, in summary, This is all we mean; please read the summary below:-

R – read

A – and

B – bolt

I – ideas by

R – relating

A – All approachable atmospheric

J – junctions;

S – simple shoots to 

U – universal

R – relations,

E – environmental

S – surroundings, supposing science

U – unifies 

C – cosmic

C – components

E – edifying

S – social and

S – scientific structures …. in simple ways….! 

Always a number 1 school of its own.

We guide our students to Read and bolt ideas by relating all approachable atmospheric junctions, simple shoots to universal relations, environmental surroundings, supposing science unifies cosmic components, and edifying social and scientific structures. It is also the main reason why the students of Rabi Raj are more successful.

Several times many guardians complained us to let the students be easily enrolled because many guardians wanted to enroll their children in our school, but because of our bearing area and financial capacity, our journey did not continue with togetherness.

And, there are still many guardians who request us to let their children be easily enrolled and allowed to study because their children are towards the collapsing features of life. 


Result of School Leaving Certificate Examination (Nepal)

S.L.C. 1st batch : 2060 : all first division

S.L.C. 2nd batch : 2061 : all first division

S.L.C. 3rd batch : 2062 : all first division

S.L.C. 4th batch : 2063 : all first division

S.L.C. 5th batch : 2064 : all first division

S.L.C. 6th batch : 2065 : all first division

S.L.C. 7th batch : 2066 : all students distinction + Sarlahi Jilla Top

S.L.C. 8th batch : 2067 : all first division

S.L.C. 9th batch : 2068 : all first division

S.L.C. 10th batch : 2069 : all first division

S.L.C. 11th batch : 2070 : all first division

S.L.C. 12th batch : 2071 : all first division

S.L.C. 13th batch : 2072 : all first division

S.L.C. 14th batch : 2073 : all first division



S.E.E. batch 2074 to 2078 all B(+) and above

* Up to now, No any batch/students have failed in any year S.L.C. or S.E.E. BOARD EXAMINATION

Quick Glance # RR School

Before enrollment for selection

Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal

Many guardians tell us that they cannot bring their children to our school because their children get frightened after hearing that the new students must face official exams before enrollment for selection at Malangwa: R. R. Sure Success School | Sarlahi | Nepal.

For such students and guardians who wish to be our visionary wings this year, please join us from Nursery to grade 8 (this year only after the 25 years of excellencies) please hurry up seats are limited.


The admission booking and the process start from the 23th of Baisakh this year.

RabiRaj Sure Success announces admissions open for the academic year 2079 from Nursery to class 8. Hurry up as enrollment starts from Baisakh 23 and we have limited seats available.

On the occasion of completing the silver jubilee (25+), this time, admission up to class 8 will be welcomed with great readiness and confidence.

But in ninth grade, admission will be based on the result of the merit test for newcomers, and we do not accept admission in grade ten.


Facilities of extra-coaching, tutorial, and remedial classes are available for weak and interested students by the school.

Semi-borders facility available (with extra coaching classes).

We begin our days with opinions to make the students civilized by guiding them through the codes of discipline: holistic learning, child-friendly infrastructure, confidence building, and self-contented humble people.

This year because of the pandemic covid19, some facilities will not be provided by our school, like hostel and transportation.

Deciding the R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School as the school for your child’s future molding destiny will be the best gift you can ever give to your child. 

With over 25 years of experience (SILVER JUBILEE)

With over 25 years of successful background, we will always provide you get the best education at R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School with the best of luck to the journey of self-independent life “sure to success” at R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School.

I wish you all the fairest of fortune from:-

Founder and Principal: Mr. Rabindra sir


Foundress: Mrs. Rajeshwari ma’am Rajkali

A school of its own


# Written by Mukesh (M.B.B.S.), the son of founder and foundress.

# This website and page – dedicated to the students, teachers, and parents of our school to inform them we are on the journey of 25+ silver jubilee and to stay in touch with you all by sharing my blogs (feelings). Finally we teach how to overcome the injurious future.

#Students care cell:-

For inquiry, admission booking, and other processes:-

NTC: 046-521531 (main line NTC)

WhatsApp: 98-42-60-27-69

Plus lines:NTC




Plus lines:Ncell




Calls – received by Bibha Chaudhary, Shama Khatun, Rambhu Sah, and Suresh ray ( 7 AM TO 7 PM/7 ).

I hope these details may help you stay updated and valuable in many ways.



HAPPY NEW YEAR. May this new year, 2079, bring you happiness, new goals, new achievements, and many new inspirations in your life. We wish you a year fully packed with pleasure and satisfaction.

With lots of love, You are always welcome to RRSS-SEB-SCHOOL …. THE BEST OF ALL….!

RabiRaj Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School



Malangwa Nepal R. R. Sure Success School R.R. School Rabi Raj Sure Success School RR School RR School Malangwa sarlahi

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