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Since 1997 (2053)

Rabi Raj (R.R.) Sure Success School is a top affiliated school with a sound environment, centrally located in Malangwa, Sarlahi, Nepal. Since its beginning in 1997, it has formed a benchmark in teaching by having a delicate balance of educational excellence and excellent results with varied and enriching extra-curricular activities.

Hence, to design more superiority, trust, faith, self-expression, and cooperation in our students, besides having a strong focus on curriculum, students partake in a plethora of extra-curricular movements regularly and actively.

The expanded holistic activities presented in Rabi Raj Sure Success School include:

  •  Art and self skill development
  • Essay competition programs
  • General knowledge competition programs
  •  Oratory and debate programs
  •  Further discussions with eminent personalities
  • Well-guided simple lab. Science practical classes

Rabi Raj sure success was established with the sole goal of blending education in an ideal learning environment in 1997.

silver jubilee

Over twenty-five years (silver jubilee), our School has gained significant heights with well-appreciated successive results.

Today, Rabi Raj Sure Success School is an icon of the Sarlahi district and one of the prominent institutions in Nepal. 

The School has reached many climacterics in advancing Grade education for the last 25 years. We have highly experienced teaching Staffs. 

We sincerely believe that the school will continue expanding and growing in the coming years.

since its inception in 1997

Rabi Raj Sure success proudly plugs its success in holding its unique features by showing tremendous progress and development in the region of quality Education and infrastructure since its inception in 1997. 

The school has also touched the sky with a great all-around arrangement and record-setting marks in many other different fields. 

The school has achieved the height of success with outstanding impacts and by framing the careers of its students. The students have made their influence in life by becoming responsible citizens, successful doctors, engineers, and businessmen by fulfilling their parent’s dreams.

It successfully merges tradition with a forward-thinking, global education philosophy that truly fulfills young children’s needs venturing into adulthood in an increasingly complicated world.

Here are some other significant reasons for choosing Rabi Raj Sure Success as the educational junction.

  • Entire English and Nepali Environment.
  • Classes of reading books to improve written and spoken languages.
  • Correlation between Nepali and English understanding periods.
  • Healthy educational atmosphere.
  • Dedicated, skilled, qualified, and professional teachers.
  • Well-ventilated classrooms.
  • Scholarships for deserving students.
  • Prime location and easily accessible.
  • Strong co-curricular activities like debates and Quizzes.

Rabi Raj Sure Success aims for excellence in everything it does, enabling students to achieve educational success and personal achievement. 

The mission of Rabi Raj Sure Success School is to provide each student a myriad education in a safe, supportive environment that encourages sound values, self-discipline, inspiration, and distinction in learning. 

The school helps the students develop skills to become self-reliant, self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly to international society.

At Rabi Raj Sure Success School, we believe that each child authorized to us will receive education in its finest shape. Learning is a life-long procedure, and all students and teachers are challenged to overreach their expectations.

No students will be left behind as they are equipped with the modern century’s skills required for life and career. 

When students finish their academic lives, they will have the capabilities, leadership differentiae, and sentiments of destiny to succeed and positively contribute to the community and humanity.

We like to welcome you to Rabi Raj Sure Success School

We like to welcome you to Rabi Raj Sure Success School where we have a victory record coupled with a unique learning environment. We wish our students to push themselves academically, intellectually, and socially in practice for leadership in an ever-changing international society.

We nurture our students to take full advantage of every possibility of looking at the world through advised eyes and widening their horizons by actively clutching our school culture of compassion, excellence, and cooperation.

We are delighted to let you know that Rabi Raj Sure Success School has completed 25 years of excellencies.

Rabi Raj Sure Success School has a beautiful setting with creative academic pedagogy. We believe in promoting excellence by giving the students the tools for the complete overall result. 

Our vibrant activities

Our vibrant activities within and beyond the classroom help us produce confident, competent, and responsible students.

The wheel of excellency and continual improvement has been steered with values and patterns as its fulcrum; quality education, and constant progress in infrastructure, educational technology, teaching, and learning processes as its spokes to fortify numerous steps to set the wheel on its path.

The hour needs to firmly root students in an enabling and productive work ethic for their meaningful growth. The school management strives to make a balance between quality and quantity.

Let us work together so that we may genuinely complete our standard ideas of success for all Rabi Raj Sure Success School students so that they mirror our significance, our actions, and our aspirations.

Rabi Raj Sure Success School has taken many steps towards the exciting phases of providing high-level education. We are set to the holistic development of every student entrusted to us. With that in mind, we have completed an excellent record of twenty-five + years in education.

Our teams of experienced teachers are committed to helping each student attain their maximum potential, both academically and socially.

Fostering and celebrating our students’ skills and achievements are at the core of everything we do every day.


S.L.C. 1st batch : 2060 : all first division

S.L.C. 2nd batch : 2061 : all first division

S.L.C. 3rd batch : 2062 : all first division

S.L.C. 4th batch : 2063 : all first division

S.L.C. 5th batch : 2064 : all first division

S.L.C. 6th batch : 2065 : all first division

S.L.C. 7th batch : 2066 : all students distinction + Sarlahi Jilla Top

S.L.C. 8th batch : 2067 : all first division

S.L.C. 9th batch : 2068 : all first division

S.L.C. 10th batch : 2069 : all first division

S.L.C. 11th batch : 2070 : all first division

S.L.C. 12th batch : 2071 : all first division

S.L.C. 13th batch : 2072 : all first division

S.L.C. 14th batch : 2073 : all first division


S.E.E. batch 2074 to 2078 all B(+) and above

* Up to now, No any batch/students have failed in any year S.L.C. or S.E.E. BOARD EXAMINATION

Rabi Raj Sure Success School has provided the best-quality international schooling matching students in Nepal. Numerous Rabi Raj Sure Success students have heeded to the world’s leading universities in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

RabiRaj Sure Success School

It remains my humble wish that Rabi Raj Sure Success School continues to shine like a lighthouse of honor and honesty. In addition to academics, the young ones who pass through its corridors may become caring, productive, and responsible citizens and future citizens chiefs of the country.

R.R. (Rabi Raj) Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School |Malangwa|Sarlahi|Nepal

R- Rabi Raj

A – a

B – best

I – institute to

R – read

A – and

J – join

S – self- suitable, successful

U – uppermost

R – realistic

E – environment

S – sometimes

U – under

C – class

C – clues to

E – extra

S – subjective

S – systems

Rabi Raj a best institute to read and join self- suitable, successful uppermost realistic environment, and sometimes under class clues to extra subjective systems both theoretically and practically.

I commend the entire management, staff, students, parents/guardians, and well-wishers for their hits. I pray that God shower each of us with His divine grace and blessings, and that our school continue to grow in confidence and goodness.


For inquiry, admission booking, and other processes:-

NTC: 046-521531 (main line NTC)

WhatsApp: 98-42-60-27-69

Plus lines:NTC




Plus lines:Ncell




Calls – received by Bibha Chaudhary, Shama Khatun, Rambhu Sah, and Suresh ray ( 7 AM TO 7 PM/7 ).

I hope these details may help you stay updated and valuable in many ways.

Best Wishes from:-

Rabindra Prasad Yadav and Rajeshwari Yadav Rajkali

Chairman – Rabi Raj Sure Success School

R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School


# Written by Mukesh (M.B.B.S.), the son of founder and foundress.

To read more and in detail about R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School, Malangwa, Sarlahi, Nepal, Please click the link https://ideasaid.com/malangwa-r-r-sure-success-school-sarlahi-nepal/

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