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I am son of Rabindra sir. Rabindra Prasad Yadav is my father. His life-saving motivational quotations will be continuously published on this site after few days. This website is intentionally launched to introduce you with the quotations that my father uses as his principle of living.

He is eminently an ideal person who can drive even the evils on the right path.

He is a hardworking person who believes in duty; no work is big or small, in his opinion.

He believes in doing good jobs with nobility rather than lingering for great results; results don’t matter to him.

He believes in goodness and advises doing any work with genuine kindness. He also recommends doing the duties continuously till the end. He thinks so because leaving the responsibilities incomplete becomes a torment for others.

For him, any physical and mental dealings that keep him busy are the matter of his happiness. Because of this he does not like holidays. According to him, physical diseases begin after physically calmed topics.

He is a very practical and experienced person in targeting life through theoretical ideas with humble tunings.

Rabindra Sir

He is a greatly admired person for being busy with what people wish.

He is also a well-mannered, punctual and honest social person.

He is a person interested in social work and advancements.

He is a man intensely glued to the positive improvement of society and social work.

He is a one-coded man at a time, a lot of social and spiritual ordinances can be learned from him to lead a happy life. Like as, he is a man of self-control in his life.

He is a highly conscientious person.

He is a person who does not discriminate any person by their caste, religion, morals, occupation, or culture.

He does not like the persons involved in unsocial items.

He is a person of a strict and cultured mentality. He emphasizes discipline and character development, most of all in his life.

Hon’ble Rabindra Sir

A good character and a virtuous person are his greatest priority.

He likes honest and sincere people the more of all.

He advises not to have an engaging company with someone who criticizes others. Because he believes that the person who condemns the goodwill of the other people, a day leads an unruly life on their own.

In him, culture, Civilization, Discipline, manner, and Tradition lay more emphasis on building prestige and morals.

He emphasizes making tasks of daily life richer, easier, and well-verified, more authentic than speaking. He believes in performing duties more sincerely than speaking before the results.

According to him, one of the important meanings of life is to become a social dictionary of words and sentences like a man with the tongue of culture. He believes that a man rich in words and sentences lives as the richest person to overcome life’s obstacles.

We should always be interested in learning new words and sentences throughout life because the power of words and sentences is omnipotent. He also advises getting acquainted with any person by moral and mannered principles. Make an ethical lifestyle.

He trusts in the company that begins to end fairly pretty. He likes friendship with people who do not change in greed.

Rabindra Sir from Malangwa Sarlahi

He is a man of self-created personality who does not compete with anybody; he competes with himself.

He always says, Compete with yourself, Don’t mess with other people. If you Compete with someone and do not overcome your competitor, then you will surely criticize him/her, and it is a definite way to lock your further destiny under depression and disputes.

And this is the reason he strongly states, Criticizing others is not an anthropological reference. Be steady and always focus on your weakness. Those who realize their own weakness can succeed in any situation of life.

Taking someone on the wrong path or demands means handling them to upset. According to him, in the final summary of life, good people are only revered.

He also says a country (Nepal) which has never been a slave of anyone should not gladden the ways of slavery. He adds faith to oneself in heartfelt ethical life.

He is very proud to be a citizen of Nepal. He believes that every individual should start with the good sense to develop the nation.

He says to develop the nation, first begin the journey from self-respect. Do not join any unsocial topics that make you worried. Don’t ignore the sacrifices of our ancestors, freedom fighters, and warriors by introducing your self-benefit targets.

People who lie, people who talk too much, despairing the proper topics, and who do not value the importance of time are not liked by him.

He likes honest people and people with self-concerned thoughts. According to him, The person who hurts someone is the non-spiritual part of a human.

He is well known for helping others with his thoughts. He also says, It is wrong to do nothing with them who do immoral to you but with a positive sense of humanity and without misbehaving and violence, even if it is of one’s own. In his opinion, there is no difference in the alienations.

He also thinks of working for the country with a sincere heart to his approach and links. A common man can not define a Country because the common person of any country is kept under oppression and pressure by the people of superior positions. Unless there is no freedom and rights over discrimination, development is not possible.

He has more prestige in social work among well-educated, sincere, honest, civilized, and honest social workers.

He openly protests the unfit and immoral persons of any posts.

He also openly supports those whom he likes. He has a good reputation among good people for making the right decisions at the right time.

He believes that wrong people are there to make mistakes in society. The immoral people can be civilized only by proper education.

The wrong and immoral people do not support him much.

He realizes that education is not only in class of school but also in table talk, in ordinary groups, or in family discussions. According to him, People should be equipped with all the conditional and unconditional educational scenarios to make them live independently.

He is a seriously struggling public figure to generate educated people in society so that no people live paralyzed life.

Education helps to update people. He doesn’t like a good relationship with immoral people, due to which some of them keep him offending online or offline.

Hon’ble Public Figure Rabindra Sir

He assumes that immoral people prevent society from being courageous. Unless the social persons become courageous, society remains in slavery.

He always keeps saying that I am in making an independent society above discrimination, and all human beings should also help in building a strong society with their own thoughts. Everyone should be given equal rights to speak, think and act equally with their thoughts and ideas.

No people should be openly insulted in public or working areas. No man should be dishonored or discouraged for their suppositions and belongings.

He says that Nepal has never been a slave of anyone, but repression is still common in Nepal. Historically, once the Ranas rule suppressed the ordinary chains and rights of Nepal, Sometimes the low caste communities were also insulted by the high social status and political persons, which is still in practice. He focuses on stopping these noose.

A also says to moral blocks that government employees coming from outside to our district must be respected. Treat well to the government officers coming from outside and get introduced to them to get your work simply done in a national manner (nationally).

Compensating government employees is the main key to the development of the country. And keep the same method of getting work done with private officers in any private organization.

His recent ambitions have been taken in the political and social sectors to improve Nepal’s rising social repressions and suppressions. Due to the Social and Political initiatives, many erroneous people are always unhappy and nauseated with him.

He has also spent more than 18 years of his life serving the country as a government employee. As a civil servant, he served medical guidance and support at the community level in different hospitals of the country.

During his government job, he realized that I should give something to the country. I should not live my life employed comfortably because many people struggle to set their lives to suitable living.

After serving the nation for more than 18 years, he resigned the job for new strugglers to join the job for their easy living, and thus he resigned the job to vacant a post for new strugglers to come.

After resigning, he established a private school to produce civilized and qualified citizens.

He also has a good knowledge of diseases and medicines. He has healed many ill and suffering persons with his treatment protocols.

Once, it has happened that when his mother was admitted to a specialized hospital (in India), and the hospital doctors told she could not get well and may die within 2-3 hours.

In that case, without losing his hopes, he began to cure his unconscious mother under personal guidance, and after being treated, she survived normally for more than 5-6 years without any further health issues.

He believes that Experiences fill knowledge, not only the certificates.

Hon’ble Social Figure Rabindra Sir

He has good knowledge of health, medicines, environment, English, Maths, science, social subjects, other variables, non-variable social factors, politics, farming, agriculture, environment, and laws. Most importantly, he is a man of his nature.

He also keeps saying that most of the people in their youth period tend to hang out all the time with 10-12 people in their company. But it is like a universal truth that in old age, people live alone.

The higher we grow with the ages, the number of pivoting friends goes on decreasing, and in the last period of life, we remain alone with our attitude and status only; that is, from the very beginning, he focuses on learning how to make an independent living and lonely survival caring the surrounding bodies.

He has also been in the educational (teaching) profession for over 25 years and in the medical (health) sectors for more than 18 years, has served the nation as a government officer. He is in the politics and social services since his college time.

After becoming the founder and principal of his own school (RabiRaj) R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School-Malangwa-03,Sarlahi,Nepal, he started educational service development in various ways. Up to now, none of his students have failed any board examinations of Nepal. All his students are living happy life with complete success.

Once, he had said that the year any student of my school fails the S.L.C. board examination, I will resign the post from the principal, but up to now, none of his students have failed any boards, and thus, he is still on duty as the principal (founder) of his own private school.

According to him, peole are not necessarily supposed to do only one work throughout their life, do any work but do it well and historically.

He has produced and donated several doctors, engineers, and lecturers’ bodies with beautiful minds to the nation; thus, his dream of generating high-class independent citizens proved true.

According to him, our country needs qualified teachers. Qualified teachers do not mean only to complete the syllabus. Teachers are those who act as parents and equal to parents, who also do the work of administration and functions as an acceptable guide in every bits of life of the students.

A qualified teacher means those who do not like and support the students’ physical, mental, spiritual, and social mistakes and takes the initiative effort to improve.Those who work not only for salary but for society and nation.

A right and qualified teacher works as an independent administrative body without any nuisance complaints. The one who does not punish the students (physically/mentally) is more liked by him. Teachers are not those who consider teaching just as a fleeting profession, and so be the citizens.

He does not allow any teachers to punish his students; he punishes himself if any of his students commit faults.

Efforts are also made to build a legally capable society. His guidance always continues to civilize his students and well-wishers with good morals.

He has also solved many domestic issues of his well-wishers that messed up trouble giving pain to their family members.

For more than 40 years in politics and the social sector, he has been recognized as a humble and hard-working person.

He has never been enraged with positive social persons; he strongly offends crime, commission, and bribery policies and the chains. He talks more straight and likes people who speak frankly. To be dishonest is not his identity.

He is a man of time who carries out his responsibilities with full dignity.

Malangwa: Rabindra Sir | Sarlahi | Nepal

He is from (V.D.C.) Vishnu + Barhathwa and Malangwa Municipality

Rabindra sir is from Malangwa-03,Sarlahi Nepal, V.D.C. Vishnu Gaau Palika-o2, Sarlahi Nepal and also from Barhathwa Nagarpalika,Sarlahi Nepal.

According to him, if any person is doing good work, they are surely doing something good for the nation. He has the habit of saying a thing only once. He does not like to keep saying the same things repeatedly.

According to him, for the country’s development, a man should first develop himself. People who develop themselves are the prime donors to the nation’s development.

He is strongly fixed to say; that a country is quickly developed by the Ideas exhibition and experiences of the noble thoughts.

People who do illegal work are always weak and sleazy; thus, he does not support unlawful persons.

Rabindra Prasad Yadav

To develop a nation, begin the step of developing from yourself. If you develop, a family will develop; if your family develops, a village, community, district, and gradually the nation will be developed.

According to him, there are many tasks that the government does not take functionally; there are many tasks the government doesn’t do and the common man has to do. The government only pays attention to the man-to-man policy. More than 90% of the government’s development plans are human-to-human-based policies.

According to him, the government should pay attention to basic needs such as fooding, lodging, shelter, security, manner development, transparent online and offline policies, fully delivered constitutional corners, and governance discipline with all the required education, transportation, communication, occupational, environmental, social glances and health tips with proper treatments. Never hide the funds and laws outside the guise of an ordinary man.

To build proper living modes for other animals (with a house, food, drinks, fresh air and security) for domestic animals, street animals and wild animals, or birds, useful insects, plants, and the other aquatic are the topics government does not pay attention to, and it insists on death in the same way for the environment.

It is making the governance weak, for which he says that it is standing ahead with numerous unfocused errors in developing a nation; only the common man has to do it, and many good persons assist the weak animals, which is good in meeting the targets of development but the government don’t.

The constitution is not transparent. Make the constitution transparent. If people remain transparent in society, then slavery will be absolutely removed from the country.

Right now, every country is going through two in one phase nation. One which I am mentioning is about the online country and the other offline country. And the information on these two lines should be translucent to the public through the constitution and through the constitutional wings for knowledge and awareness.

Those countries who have kept good commands on both the lines of the nation, that country is itself a special. Despite having so many security channels, guidance and education, there are many people who make a lot of mistakes in offline and online Nepal, and even there are many people who do not have any idea about the online systems of Nepal.

Along with the administration of the court, people should also be given information about cyber law. Cyber ​​law is necessary because, in today’s time, everyone carries a mobile device. Some of them have laptops, and many other types of electronic devices for communication, research, and entertainment, but many of them even don’t know how to create a Facebook account. For such people, the right advice should be given to learn how to create, comment, share, like, and dislike under cyber law.

Almost everyone has a mobile device in today’s time, but very few people know to operate it. What applications will they have to run, install and use?

Sometimes, by commenting, people take out the bitterness of their mind. If comments from the people of my society and nation hurt you in any way, then please forgive them.

This is all our fault because we have not given them any specific information and training over how to comment according to the terms of cyber. There are many people who still think that there are no laws and boundaries in commenting on the posts of anybody, and they comment in maximum mind without analysis.

Not only the cyber law, whatever the law is in the country, all the laws should be explained to the public. Information should be given in detail.

He believes that there is no shortage of human powers in our country. Manpower is weak because of our carelessness. The country’s residents, which was never the slave of anyone, are working in other countries and running their families. It’s such a shame.

Nepal is a natural beauty country. The people of the country of Nepal are also nature lovers and natural beauty lovers. People of Nepal are always honored for people with beautiful character, manner, mind, and body and are also known as hard-working and honest people. According to him, he wants all the 77 parts of Nepal to remain safe, united, and settled in the nation only.

To him, the whole of Nepal is a society for him.

There are many districts of our country where the people still feel many shortcomings, and they are resisted in the habit of living in the same shortcomings.

Rabindra Sir From Vishnu Gau Palika (residential location: Nadiya Pakari-Border Pakari) Sarlahi

It is not necessary that you can develop the country by staying in Kathmandu or in the bigger cities only. You stay at any place. Just keep doing good work for yourself, and that’s what the country needs to glow.

Just don’t do inappropriate things because doing unfitting things can bring disgrace to the country, society, and your family lineage.

Always keeps saying that I am not the person of top position. I am not a national hero. I am not the best person in the nation. I am just an ordinary person, and it is my responsibility to keep every simple tasks easier.

Trim your ordinary bits to tag the chief fits of the nation.

My work is my duty, and my duty is to revitalize the capacity of social workers. Up to now, no person has made any such complaints about him that he has distorted any work or any duty that links him.

When he was in a government job, he worked as a sincere medical officer in the community level with an aim to develop his community, society, and the country to make the citizens healthy.

There were not many medical facilities like today, even though he served with full dignity to cure diseases and illnesses of the society.

Principal Rabindra sir

And also as a founder and principal of R.R.SURE SUCCESS SECONDARY ENGLISH BOARDING SCHOOL (RABI RAJ SURE SUCCESS SECONDARY ENGLISH BOARDING SCHOOL) MALANGWA – 03, SARLAHI, NEPAL. He always streamed with new ideas and plans for the welfare and betterment for his students and guardians to produce a good citizen for the coming Nepal.

And, now he is a complete part of the social works as a politician, where he has experienced touches with the feelings that all the guardians, leaders, and citizens of the nation should live educated and independent with lots of food, pure drinking water, cultivable soil, easy farming-agriculture, electricity, fresh air, security, better housing, education, health services, required jobs and other opportunities.

He has a dream to create self-educated and free-minded citizens for the nation.

He agrees with the statement that age is just a number; education can be given to all the ages in the same way. A child or an old does not vary for gaining an education. Learning is equally parallel for all ages; only guidance for proper environment is required.

Rabindra Sir also from Barhathwa Nagarpalika 02 (residential location: Bhagwatipur) Sarlahi

He lives engaged with thoughts that how can I make the people of my community, society, and country an independent and self-respected citizen.

He also has a good commonality among the prominent personalities of society. He strongly opposes exploitation. It doesn’t matter what rank you are or the individual’s identity and background of the people, whether you are V.I.P. or ordinary, does not matter to him, he likes people for their fair ideas, thoughts and helpful attitude.

His great idea is to support building all of Nepal’s societies through scientific thoughts and modern demands.

To Keep on criticizing, he doesn’t like it. He says sitting silently is nothing meant for the betterment of the nation; just keep on doing something positive.

Today, even the people and leaders who used to insult him in the past respect him for his thoughts, plans, donations, and sacrifices.

They respect him because they are his charmed fanatics and believers.

I have seen a common thing that any person who does not respect him for any reason is also not a well respected and reputed person in his own family, family members, and relatives, and those who respect him have well respect, reputation and good understanding among the well chained civilians.

Eminently an ideal person….

Writing about him exceeds the words and sentences I know. To summarize him with my vocabulary is not within my limit. He is simply the most reasonable person in me, and I am also deeply inspired by his general to specific thoughts and ideas.

Please don’t gabble about him, say and speak the facts and let me know more about him according to you.

Contact Address:- Vishnu Gau Palika (Ga.Pa.) 02, Sarlahi, Nepal (residential location: Border Pakari)

Barhathwa Nagarpalika 02 (residential location: Bhagwatipur) Sarlahi

Malangwa-03, Sarlahi, Nepal (R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School)

AnyTime Contact Address:- 1. Vishnu Gau Palika (Ga.Pa.) 02, Sarlahi, Nepal (residential location:Border Pakari-Nadiya Pakari) 2. Barhathwa Nagarpalika 02 (residential location: Bhagwatipur) Sralahi, Nepal 3. Malangwa-03, Sarlahi, Nepal (R.R.Sure Success Secondary English Boarding School).

Political Party: Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist)

Nepal Communist Party (Akikrit Samajbadi) “Kalam Chhap”

9854036531 (+Whatsapp)

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