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In this blog, you will find full forms of I.D.E.A. similar to human behavior. The zoomed word I.D.E.A. itself speaks of the behavior codes linked to human nature in MY JOURNEY FROM IDEAS TO IDEASAID.COM“.

With lots of inspirational and motivational ideas based upon the social strings and living challenges to be solved with MY JOURNEY FROM IDEAS TO IDEASAID.COM PRACTICALLY BIO BASED AND WRITING IN SELF BIO – BASED FEELINGS.


Topic:- MY JOURNEY FROM IDEAS TO IDEASAID.COM. I warmly welcome all of you to my website ideasaid.com blog (post) number one with the matching full-form of I.D.E.A.

I have some mind-matching full form of idea in bonus for you to share MY JOURNEY FROM IDEAS TO IDEASAID.COM“, Please keep reading…

It is a global friendly ideas sharing, inspirational, motivational, and self-teaching website where you are a reader to come as a self-taught teacher.

In this website, You will find plenty of fruitful ideas and inspirations binding social structural phenomena, updated moral views, logically clearing human confusions, philosophies, and policies.

IdeaSaid.com with the ideas of reforming the personal social characters in your family and community, which may update you to keep a stable record like a successful worker, a good person with a good sense of humor, peace-loving, and in a cooperative, peaceful environment everywhere.

Including Idea Full-Form, Matching Human Behaviour

Idea Definition Special Part Education To Ideasaid by VastrowMukesh:-

MY JOURNEY FROM IDEAS TO IDEASAID.COM is a quick guide to idea definition and special education to ideas aid, If you aim to live like a person of self status, then ideasaid.com will definitely help you in reaching the goal of your target, because I define everything about social structural subjects at ideasaid.com.

I – I

D – define

E – everything

A – about

S – social structural subjects

A – at

I – ideasaid

D – dot com …

I define everything about social structural subjects at ideasaid (.)dot com

I define everything about social structural subjects at ideasaid (.)dot com in matching ways.





Social structural subjects



(.)dot com

I define everything about social structural subjects at ideasaid (.)dot com

I define everything about social agendas and the structural subjects including their detailed definitions at my personal blog website ideasaid.com

Please stay socially tuned to view our updates at ideasaid.com because, it is our ideas only that draw global attention to us.

Binding Social Structural Inspirations

History of idea revealing mystery of ideas:-

My trial to binding social structural inspirations is a key to the history of ideas revealing the mystery of ideas following the term idea in its full form below:- Ideas define everything about attitude.

I – ideas

D – define

E – everything

A – about attitude …

Ideas define everything about attitude

Ideas define everything about attitude. The term idea itself says that it defines everything about the attitude of a person. If your ideas are informative, genuine, simple, clear, and fruitful, then I am pretty sure that it is sufficient to draw the attention of the world towards the attitude of your focus and the trials. Ideas display everything about attitude of a person.

Matching full form of idea

Ideas display entire attitude of a person.

Thus, keep always developing new and proper ideas with a friendly suggestion that:- ideas display entire attitude of a person.

I – it is the ideas

D – display

E – entire

A – attitude of a person … Ideas draw everybody’s attention defining everything about the attitude of a person. Ideas display entire attitude of a person.

A man is well known, honored, and remains immortal by their ideas only. Thus, my suggestion is to please keep improving positive ideas even in the negative situations of life, and ideasaid.com is always guiding you to replace your negativeness, errors, and confusions with the positive sense of my humor, up to I can.

I – Ideasaid.com

D – deals

E – everything

A – about

S – spiritual, sentimental, socially

A – accepted

I – ideas, it’s

D – definitions and deliverance styles, in its own way with mnemonic guidelines, I hope that the mnemonic writings may easily get printed in your vision like the quick snaps captured, which may help your thoughts stay updated, assisting you to your best practical guidelines.

Ideasaid.com deals everything about spiritual, sentimental, socially accepted ideas, it’s developing and deformities chains.

The purpose of presenting my articles never bid to replace your thoughts; it is just your ideas assisting friendly website taking you to your best search of ideas.

With the ways of my writing, I warmly invite you to “match our opinions and to math our opinions” so that you can find something new to read, learn (law-earn)and grab with the series of my ideas writing at ideasaid.com.

Ideasaid.com is a diary, summary text entries of my ideas to ideasaid.com.

As your ideas assistant, I want to say that all the articles of ideasaid.com are the independent part of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It does not contain any duplicated or copied forms of writing.




About author and admin – VastrowMukesh.

VastrowMukesh is my name…Vastrow is an author part, writing hand of Mukesh, self accepted and linked to Mukesh, by name, like a nickname and thus suitably twinned to VastrowMukesh forever.

Ideasaid.com is a digital part, ideas store manager – to display the orders of VastrowMukesh.

As we all know that time is very much valuable, and currently your valuable time is reading the articles on my website; and thus, thank you for donating your vision and reading something new at ideasaid.com.

As the assistant of your ideas, it is my duty to respect your valuable time and your chief guest appearance at ideasaid.com; I hope that you will always keep visiting and reading the articles on my website.

My journey from ideas to ideasaid.com

Idea Login To Free Online International Idea School Ideasaid.com:-

My journey from Ideas to ideasaid.com picked idea login to provide free online international idea school to the ideas readers of my status at ideasaid.com.

I promise you to console solving the confusing heights of your search, satisfying the basic needs of your time by feeding something new to your knowledge at ideasaid.com, power plus simplification of your ideas menu with my ideas at ideasaid.com.

It is my ideas defining everything about social series as it deals the (.) dot complementary opinions of my mind … Only at ideasaid.com

I – it is my ideas

D – defining

E – everything

A – about

S- social series

A – as

I – it

D – deals the

(.) – dot

C – complementary

O – opinions of

M – my mind … Only at ideasaid.com

It is my ideas defining everything about social series as it deals the (.) dot complementary opinions of my mind … Only at ideasaid.com

Please do not miss the opportunity to make me your ideas assistant.

You are requested to read me, like I say…read me like I write at ideasaid.com.

Ideas lavishly illustrated with easy to learn mnemonics, which will definitely help in remembering and stabilizing the mind-boggling facts without taxing the memory so that the readers need not have to hunt more books for quenching the cellular hunger of brain after reading something new in every blogs of ideasaid.com

Ideasaid.com:-words speaking website…

I have heard that to understand the ideology of any person of the world; it is not the need for the language but communion. A good person can understand the point of any person in the world.

I wish that I could go to all the ease of explaining my articles, but I am a Nepalese citizen from Nepal. My English is of a Nepalese Asian type. If any mistakes in presenting, please do not mind.

I am not very much fluent and international in the English language because of which you may not find all the sentences of my articles easy to understand, in that case, please do not mind because I am new in the world of blog writing and ideas sharing … It is my hard trial to tag the ideas of my feelings to the ideas of your search.

This is the first blog (post) of my life.

Importance of idea generation in coding manner with examples.

What is an idea and why it is important:-

What is an idea and why it is important is itself a guide to the importance of idea generation in coding manner with examples.

Ideas are the displayed coded versions of the mind. 

It is a part manifestation of the mind. Ideas can not be grasped physically. Each position and property we hold are the after-effects of thoughts, as it were.

Importance of lead ideas generation in our daily life.

Why is the spread of proper ideas important?

To establish the importance of lead ideas generation in our daily life, we should pay careful attention to spreading the importance and values of ideas to all.

Thoughts are of Everest significance in our life since they manage us in every one of our lifestyles. Thoughts assume a considerable part in making us a legend or tossing us to nothing. Thoughts are the most incredible abundance creating the character.

Special education and behavior

Why it is important to come up with new ideas?

Special education and behavior are important to come up with new ideas because thoughts assist us with creating examination and assessment power, excellent humor, inventorying the brain’s codes and feeling, reaping the thoughts in building an ideal life position. Without the ideas, you won’t fix and adjust the worth of honor, greatness, progress, and failure.

Ideas and behavior interventional plans

Based on students behavior and discipline :-

Without ideas, you can not feel and acknowledge what we ought to do and what we ought not. We neglect to ideate the legitimate signs and the ways to move a reformist and straightforward existence without thoughts. Thus, ideas and behavior interventional plans are needed for developing students based behavior and discipline.

Goal and purpose of exploring creative ideas

Why do we innovate ideas in our daily life to progress?

Without good ideas, we act very much like another creature or not as much as a human. This is the reason for which the goal and purpose of exploring creative ideas should be equally valued to innovate good ideas in our daily life to progress.

Importance of positive thoughts in our life:-

Thoughts make us dynamic, protected, ready, reasonable, humble, and social creatures Without the importance of positive thoughts in our life we act like a fish without fins.

Why is our thought so powerful and important?

Importance of thoughts in our life:-

If we know the importance of thoughts in our life it will surely make our image powerful and of a very important public figure type.

Thoughts are nothing, just a part of ideas.

Thoughts improve on the compositions of life. The more you simplify (rearrange), the more you simply fly with the types of ideas.

Thoughts suggest more ideas to create and are vital in having effects. We generally continue to learn life exercises.

The exercises we know mean the views we procure. We all continue to consider extraordinary thoughts consistently. Thinking about an idea is not an intricate cycle; just fixation is required; great reviews come after better contemplations.

Role and power of ideas in managing daily structures of life

The power of idea versus the idea of power:-

The power of idea versus the idea of power plays a very important role in developing and coding the figures of our daily structures in life, both have equal importance like as- we hear by the ears or ear has the hearing capacity.

The idea is the foundation of getting things going precisely.

Almost certainly, in our day-by-day lives, we consider numerous investigations, convey some of them to be proceeded with, and leave the rest since ideas have the auto ability to choose a lot the specific answers.

It doesn’t allow a wide range of contemplations to assume a part in our day-by-day life. Without appropriate and functional thoughts, the chances of being fruitful or carrying on with a serene life are exceptionally intense.

Without suitable strides, making an idea is useless. Since it resembles an exacting head of the school called the human body, which can never bargain to stream, the reasonable extra specialists ruin the frameworks of different understudies of the human body parts or break down the signs of the human figure.

The idea resembles an auto-embedded force inside the human motor, guarding and controlling life steps.

A good idea, never shoddy the phases of life. Thoughts direct to start, respite, or stop the activities of life. Everybody can build up a review, yet just the tiny portion of separation make us an exceptional star since its split is straightforwardly equivalent to the fitting advances we follow to cheers.

Idea carrying materials to ideas building career

How can I get good ideas for my career to become more successful?

Ideas carrying materials to ideas building career means the significance of thoughts lie in learning. Likewise, the study is a manual for how the specific ideas fit into the judicious establishments, principally because it bears the cost of sharp and express models valuable for assessing limits and different conditions to guide us to get good ideas for career building and to become more successful.

Thoughts likewise give ground to acknowledging ideas, detectable quality, and possibility with which to learn and teach informations.

Ideas and thoughts shift from one individual to another. Thoughts come from numerous sources and most likely somewhat extraordinary for everybody.

Can thoughts cause physical symptoms?

How thoughts and ideas affect our body?

Thoughts cause physical symptoms too because thoughts trigger the receptors and different body pieces to feel and say the circumstances by giving legitimate words and sentences. This is how thoughts and ideas affect our body parts too.

Ideas can be summoned through rehearses; you can’t paint an image without a paintbrush, you can’t assemble your status without proper thoughts and ideas.

The cognizant brain can control the pieces of musings by adding different components, refining the outcomes by applying rationale and reality as channels, and afterward rehashing the interaction until a thought is developed. Emphatically, anybody can concoct new and excellent ideas if the proper procedures are utilized.

The ideas resemble the imbued codes of DNA, connecting the mind and the body, which can be changed, improved, and created. Ideas assume us to the position or point of choice we have never been and give us another viewpoint.

The absolute first thing to start anything is, to begin with, humbleness. It would be best if you had a solid conviction to accomplish something; anything, besides, is a thought. The thought is the beginning of interest and developments, giving a chain of proceeding with ventures after a stage.

Thoughts uncover profound on the themes that interest you; it assist us with living refreshed with the issues you like. Ideas help us with getting mindful of things that are going on around us and somewhere else.

Thoughts give us an edge about the subject, point, and space of interest that you are energetic and know to represent a profound like towards the issues of your advantage, at that point, there is no uncertainty you will meet extraordinary thoughts in your explored fields.

The terms energetic and present profound like towards the subjects of your advantage acquire information and information need a study. Ideas additionally help us become significant and decent individuals in the family, society, and country.

The idea development process in life

Why to create and develop ideas?

To create and develop new and self-controlling ideas, the idea development process should always be stuck to the positive collections of mind because an individual with accommodating thoughts have a more prominent opportunity to contribute positive advancements to his local area.

Ideas help us become dynamic citizens and take an interest in the progressing changes and promotions. Thoughts additionally assume a fundamental part in a cheerful and stable living, cash making, equity among social classes and affinities, and some more. It likewise makes us self-reliant, fit, and fine.

Ideas transform our expectations and dream into the real world, making the world like a family and our family and office a more secure, agreeable, and quiet spot to live and work.

Ideas about changing the challenges to settle

How an idea can change our life and how to make our life meaningful?

Ideas about changing the challenges to settle in life is the best way to achieving the happiness of self-wish, after that, you will definitely realize that ideas can really change the rhythms of our life and thus make our life more meaningful. Ideas make us confident, form social renown among people of notes, saves us from being tricked and cheated. Consequently, essential and reasonable ideas, thoughts, and opinions are crucial for all of us in our daily life.


My own thought is to present only the best articles with at least a mnemonic in every blog to read and this blog is filled with the intro section of the full form of IDEA, so that after reading my articles, you may feel “something new learned” at ideasaid.com, the bank of social ideas, delivered – simplified and this is the reason I say you to stay connected with me following my social links so that there be no any branches of my ideas to miss and also be the one to like, share and support my ideas following our social links.

Every blogs of ideasaid.com contain something new to learn(law-earn).

Ideasaid.com, the bank of ideas dedicated to all my illustrious readers with the best of luck from grade seven to heaven, i.e., for all ages or the recommended age, is (18+)… is a sharp guide to make your life meaningful and changing the challenging concepts to get settled.

I – ideasaid.com

D – deeply

E – explain everything

A – about

S – so-so : social strings and also other branches of social subjects…the two in one ideasaid.com, one being the mnemonics at idea-SAID.com. Ideasaid.com directly explain everything about so-so social strings and the related branches of ideas.


other the defining method of my ideas with a self trial to aid and explain the mnemonics proved by the chain of reasoning and dissecting the sensitive flaps of my ideas, logically at ideas-AID.com.


You are reading IdeaSaid blog number “1. MY JOURNEY FROM IDEAS TO IDEASAID.COM“, and I hope you are satisfied with it, it will be awesome if you help us spread the message and boost our motivation! Please come again. Put these key points into practice and see yourself improving, Keep reading and matching opinions.… To stay updated, follow our social links.

Thank-You for reading this blog. We respect your share, comments, judgments, likes, and views…Please google it..to reach more ideas-readers. I wish You all the best of Luck from MY JOURNEY FROM IDEAS TO IDEASAID.COM…  https://ideasaid.com/

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