North Korea threatens civilian life

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North Korea
Last week, US President Joe Biden said North Korea had rejected offers of a vaccine. More than two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, North Korea has suffered the most damage in recent years. Now North Korea is in bad shape. A few days ago, according to the statistics, there were more than 250,000 people suffering from fever.

Citizens of the country are under house arrest due to lockdown. The situation is deteriorating day by day due to low testing and low vaccine distribution. At a joint news conference with South Korean President Yoon-suk Yeol, Biden said he wanted to help not only North Korea but also China with the vaccine. “We have no answer,” Biden said of North Korea.

North Korea, a country isolated from the rest of the world, was offered the vaccine by Kovacs, a global vaccine distribution project, and South Korea. Both proposals have been rejected by North Korea.

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Although North Korea claims that Corona did not enter the country through lockdown, experts estimate that the virus has been in the country for some time. Officials are advising herbs, ginger water, and ibuprofen. Leader Kim Jong Un has been accused of failing to manage vaccines and drugs. China is also facing a crisis in the battle of covid, with a new reflection in the form of Omicron. The situation in China is different from the past.

At a joint news conference with South Korea, Biden said he would like to meet with Kim at the appropriate opportunity. Biden says it depends on Kim how conscious or serious he is.

North Korea

His predecessor, President Donald Trump, held talks with Kim in Singapore in 2018. The talks were considered important and historic in world politics. At the time, however, Biden called into question the need for partnership and cooperation between the two countries. South Korea and the United States have also discussed military cooperation.

Despite a fever of 200,000 people, the government said the situation was not serious. In a country that is isolated from the rest of the world, after so many crises at one time, the world was concerned about the state of medicine in that place.

Since then, South Korea and the United States, which North Korea has long considered enemies, have pledged support. Ten days ago, there were 267,000 people with fever. Two people were killed during that period. On May 13, North Korea announced for the first time that its citizens had been killed by Covid. However, the international community never agreed to that claim.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says North Korea is in dire straits due to a lack of adequate testing and a lack of vaccines. South Korea, meanwhile, has expressed concern that the North Korean government could cause further problems for civilians.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to information sources, the number of fevers in urban areas has decreased while it is increasing in rural areas. Martin Williams, a researcher studying North Korean territory, says it is difficult to get enough information about North Korea.

At present, North Korea has rejected the assistance of many countries in the world on humanitarian grounds. This has taken many by surprise. On Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) pledged its support to North America. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said it will provide medical supplies and medical treatment to health workers, but no official has been contacted.

According to the news, North Korea is moving toward China ignoring the cooperation of both the countries. It is reported that most of the planes went to China. In January 2020, third-generation dictator Kim Jong Un closed all borders to stop the North Korean Corona epidemic under his leadership.

Some time ago, North Korea claimed that there was no coronavirus. North Korea, which has closed borders with all countries in the world, has been widely reported by the international community as having no access to the virus.

The executive director of Christian Aid Group said North Korea had refused to help. He also said that the situation there was much worse than reported in the news.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to Chang, for both reasons, North Korea has refused to cooperate.

Alistair Morgan, Britain’s ambassador to North Korea from 2005 to 2008, said no one was allowed to enter the country for fear of breach of confidentiality. In his view, all this was done to prevent the world from seeing the repression within North Korea’s borders. He says even though Trump has tried to negotiate with the North Korean leadership in the past, Kim and his allies have avoided a long-term partnership.

“Right now, North Korea does not want its citizens to have contact with the outside world. That desire for power has caused a lot of problems there, “said Morgan. Although many are unaware of the actual state of the pandemic, the government claims that 65 people have been killed so far.

North Korea

The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued. It is estimated that thousands of people have died in North Korea due to non-vaccination.

Many have speculated that North Korea has the world’s largest omicron. In North Korea’s neighboring country, South Korea, 85 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated.

Ki Park, a South Korean health worker, has repeatedly described the situation in North Korea. He says the country needs external assistance in any case. “It’s up to them to decide whether to take help from countries other than China,” Park said.

“It simply came to our notice then. There is a health crisis. With the right medication, many lives could be saved, ‘said Park. Even if North Korea does not allow the reality to come out, its economic situation may have deteriorated as it was cut off from the outside world during the Corona pandemic. However, international bodies insist that North Korea urgently needs medical supplies.

The effects of the Covid pandemic are negligible in the world today. Vaccination has helped many to overcome their problems. Despite this, North Korea is playing with the lives of its own citizens, seeking unnecessary alliances with the world.

Sources: BBC, Al Jazeera, and Voice of America

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