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3. About the nations I know..A blog a day keeps the evil away https://ideasaid.com/ideasaid-3-about-the-nations-i-know-a-blog-a-day-keeps-the-evil-away/

4. Full form of London https://ideasaid.com/ideasaid-4-full-form-of-london/

5. Full form of human..scanning the human https://ideasaid.com/ideasaid-5-full-form-of-human-scanning-the-human/

6. Full form of covid and corona virus..with preventive ideas https://ideasaid.com/ideasaid-6-full-form-of-covid-and-corona-virus-with-preventive-ideas/

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Ideasaid.com is a simple blog website with a Home page and blogs to read.

Ideasaid.com my personal blog website to display what I am and what I think.

Ideasaid.com summarising the confusing heights of human…

Ideasaid.com is the bank of ideas. It is the ideas bank clearing the common confusions…in my own way.

It is a website to match our opinions and to math our opinions in manual version analysing and improving social views with a mnemonic in each blog to go and grab the confusing ideas in easy ways.

You will find at least a mnemonic in each blog or words zoomed to guide, zoom the word to judge the world with IdeaSaid.com.

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While reading the blogs, you will learn different types of law shaping ideas (one law in each blog) to self think:- love and worship, list and work, live against weapons, live adjusted and working, lay a way, lower animals automatic working, leap and wait, live like a writer, language according to words, light and wave, length and width, leaks at weak point, loss and win, light and weight, learning always works, land air and water, learn agricultural works, let authors write, let lower animals work, live as wish and listen attentively and wisely the voice and tips of ideas writer at ideasaid.com..and many more.. Thank you for giving your time and vision..please keep moving new to next blogs..you are always welcome…

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8 months ago

Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

8 months ago

Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.


Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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7 months ago

Good For You!!!! Important someone shed light on the subject matter.

Adara Crosby Pinkham
7 months ago

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Timi Barny Tutankhamen
6 months ago

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