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Topic:- “SAY NO TO C.O.R.O.N.A.”. I warmly welcome all of you to my website ideasaid.com blog (post) number six with the matching full-form of C.O.R.O.N.A.

To stop further transmission, please read the following mnemonics on corona:-

C- completely cover

O- own

R- respiratorythat is

O- oral and

N- nasal

A- areas.. Completely cover own respiratory (= oral and nasal areas) properly, with a mask. But, the mask alone can not stop the pandemic. Countries must manage to test, isolate and treat every case tracing the contacts to test every suspected covid 19 cases.

If to suggest about the mask, then N 95 mask, surgical mask masks have better protection efficiency than the ordinary clothes or sponge masks. Also, consume completely cooked or ripen or naturally available articles as foods to eat.

C- consume completely cooked

O- or

R- ripen

O- or

N- naturally

A- available anti-oxidant articles.. consume completely cooked or ripen or naturally available anti-oxidant articles.

Eat healthy and hygienic foods, do not smoke, no tobacco products, no to overdose drugs or alcohol. Do not take allergic foods, cold and frozen items. Do not use allergic perfumes. Do regular exercise, meditation and keep reading my articles to utilize your leisure time.

Please, keep changing and cleaning your clothes, handkerchiefs, ornaments that you use. It is also very much necessary to keep your own room, house, and neighboring areas clean. Keep,

C- clean

O- own

R- room

O- or

N- neighboring

A- areas.. keep clean your table, bed, windows, chair, door handles, locks, and keys.

Cleaning of room and surrounding area is a reliable way to stop the transmission.

Learn to protect yourself physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally tension-free from the covid 19.

Generally, the tiny airborne droplets containing the virus can survive from few hours to 9 days and more depending upon the objects and surface if they do not find any carrying (multiplying) sources, and agents die quickly.

To stop transmission is like the common sense of human beings versus covid 19.

Also, learn to avoid the habit of cooling or rooming of normal natural air because,






Aair is always a key to several infectious diseases. Thus, change your habit of cooling or rooming of normal, natural air, learn to live and enjoy with free sunlight and natural air to beat corona and beat the covid.

Please agree corona full form

Keep your hands, kitchen, and utensils clean.

Limit your salt, sugar, and fat, take enough dietary foods, stay hydrated, keep away from liquor, take family dinners.

Eggs are examples of extraordinary protein and supplements, and are unbelievably helpful. Choose to boil better than frying any food items.

In simple language to understand,



To control covid or to control corona, please remember and spread the message of MADS a best way to help control the pandemic.

Please remember the mnemonic “MADS” against the mads phases of mad virus covid19.

M- Mask MUST

A- Anti-oxidant diets

D- Distancing

S- Sanitization

These four guidelines are essential to control the spread of covid the mad virus, locking globe.

Not only the use of the mask can control the virus spread, not only the use of sanitizers can control the spread of the virus, not only anti-oxidant diets can control the spread of virus or neither social distancing alone is sufficient to chase this virus.

Overall, we should focus on these four mentioned ways equally to remain safe and healthy.

100% guaranty is possible if the four measures are accepted regularly in our life.

100% guaranty way to control the spread of pandemic

100% guaranty to control the spread of covid:-

100% guaranty ways to control the spread of pandemic or to control the spread of covid can be taken as follow:-

Mask = 25%

Anti-oxidant diet = 25%

Distancing = 25%

Sanitization = 25%

M.A.D.S. can control the spread of virus significantly. Mads method with mnemonic guidelines, to follow from an ordinary human, requested in controlling the virus, please follow it.

As we all know, distancing is the best way to control the spread of the virus, and for this purpose, global lock down is in action. But for many reasons, locking all humans is not always possible; in any case, when you go out, the use of a mask must be followed as instructed.

On the way, we have habits of touching and testing many things for which cleaning hands with soap and sanitizer is focused.

Now, what is the exact role of anti-oxidant diets against covid?

The best answer is,

Anti-oxidant diets boost immunity power to overcome the influences of covid or the corona classes. The outer layer of covid is made up of lipid, which means fat in general language, and fat means oil. 

To focus and remember is, the things that can clean oily surfaces and substances can kill the virus.

Just try to think yourself, what are those things that can clean the oily surfaces?

For example:- cold water, no it can not, you can not clean oily surfaces with cold water. You will need warm water to clean the oily surfaces; thus, cold water and cold drinks have no role in killing this virus.

It is the reason you are frequently advised to take warm water to drink, instead of cold water.

Soap, detergents, salts, honey, and fire-ash can also clean the oily surface and are also good agents to kill the virus.

If you don’t find soap and sanitizer to disinfect surfaces or if soap and sanitizers are too costly to use, you can try fire-ash if available (something is better than nothing).

Lemon juice is good for cleaning the oily surface. Thus, it is also suitable for killing the virus.

And, now let me summarize my writing stating that the substances which can clean oily surfaces can sufficiently clean or kill the virus, in the same way, to kill the virus in the respiratory tract, we need to boost our immune system.

The natural immune system is enabled adequately by anti-oxidant diets, for example, fruits, warm water, warm foods, tulsi, honey, banana, garlic, ginger, mint, berry, black pepper, and many more vegetables. Please think yourself to use those items daily, that clean the fatty, oily surfaces.

You can take warm rice with Pulse mixed salt and ginger.

You can take vegetables mixed with ginger and garlic, because ginger and garlic are also good immunity booster to fight against the pandemic bad growth.

Please, cut ginger of small chocolate (lozenge) size and use them in your cooking items. The number of family members equal to the number of chocolate-sized ginger, and latter distribute equally among all the family members on the dining table.

Raw garlic and ginger can bother your dinner, thus take cooked.

Honey, tulsi, garlic, ginger, salt, cucumber, carrot, onion, radish, potato with skin, and all other anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables you know, play a significant role in killing the virus within the respiratory tract before reaching the lungs.

Please attention:-

Do not take any of the mentioned amounts in high doses.

This suggestion of anti-oxidant diets may not be good for infants, pregnancy, anemic, diabetic and high blood pressure patients, or low blood pressure. For renal, cardiac, ophthalmic, severe muscular pain, joint pain, headache, please consult your doctor for nutritional guidance and dose fixation.

Specified:- Taking a high dose of ginger, black pepper, Tulsi, and garlic can cause cardiac overload and cardiac pain, for which a small chocolate size is mentioned; for detail, please consult your nutritional doctor.

Taking honey daily can reduce cardiac pain caused by the overdose of ginger, garlic and maintains hydration; please try daily with one or two tablespoons of honey (bedtime and in the early morning if non-diabetic, non-allergic, non-anaemic..etc).

If you feel chest contraction or cardiac pain caused after taking ginger and garlic, in that case you can take 1-2 table spoon of honey to relief the pain.


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