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Welcome to IdeaSaid blog (post) number . 8. “YES TRACE TO OVERCOME STRESS” a guide to Self New Creative, Motivational Plans and Ideas.

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I have some mind-matching STRESS GUIDE in bonus for you to share in “YES TRACE TO OVERCOME STRESS” Please keep reading…

An idea to overcome stress

“Do not let stress overcome you”.

What is stress

Stress is the state of physical, mental, social or emotional tensions from any hard circumstances. Every person is stressed of something and trying to get out of it.

Stress may be physical, mental, occupational, emotional or anything that obstruct normal routine cycle. Any misunderstanding and abnormal occurring in day-to-day life occurs stress to us.



Here, we are discussing about stress and how to overcome (stress=‘YES TRACE’), how should we overcome stress? and what is the best way to reduce stress.

They are identical while pronouncing, and we can relate them with each other, either say stress or say to YES-TRACE, is in itself a guide to overcome stress.

In this blog, I want to say that we need to find and fight our stress with ‘yes trace’ motto. At first, we must find the problems causing stress and then only we can solve it. Staying neutral and letting the stress overcome us do not solve our problems.

If not traced and solved on time then it starts to be more complex rather than being solved easily.

First, find out the factors causing stress, then the ideas that can help to overcome stress.

Tracing and solving the cause of stress save a person from serious circumstances.We must not ignore the strings causing stress, we must not leave the stress topics unsolved, because stress is not an easy topic of our life, it is a disturbing element that can take life, if left untreated or untraced.

Those fatal subjects may be any physical, mental, emotional or any failure causes. Stay cool and plan to overcome the stress.

How to overcome stress

For example, if a person is suffering from fever & headache and do not visit a doctor in time, then their condition goes worst day by day. Similarly, some persons ignore minor injuries and infections but later it brings fatal results.

Everybody must trace their problems in life. Everybody must learn to trace their problems in life, regarding health issues or any topics that come suddenly to disturb the normal routine cycle.

Visiting doctors and taking medication in time can be taken as tracing and solving our stress in the context of ‘Yes Trace to overcome stress.

Stress can be traced with clear and sound state of mind in individual’s comfort zone. Comfort zone differs according to the nature of every person. Some might be comfortable in peaceful area, forests, empty rooms and also while doing any work they are fond of.

One’s comfort zone may be good time with friends, families and with their loved ones. Faster and better, we trace the cause of our stress sooner we can overcome it and return to our happy daily routine.

If we are unable to overcome our stress then our daily life becomes miserable adding more problems day by day. In order to live a happy and stress-free life we must trace and solve every forthcoming problems in our life with positive attitude.

A life with almost no stress and problems or solving quick abilities to problems is considered to be a happy life.

Tracing is very much helpful for all types of people varying in job, family, friendship, race, education… people from very young to old age may have stress as per the situations. Sharing about the stress may be helpful. Try to solve your stress yourself and also feel free to share it with others.

Sharing the cause of stress may help your brain live fresh, because, when you share your stress topics with anybody, they may question you something more related to the topics of your stress, because the topics that you share to anybody is new for them and they will surely ask you some questions to become more clarified.

You may feel uneasy to answer the unexpected questions, and, the discussion will be continued with more unpleasant questions, try to answer them and finally you will reach a fixed desired point or nearly to a point to overcome stress.

And, thus keep on exposing your stress factors to find new ideas to fix it.

Stress is solved after a long series of unpleasant questions, that we must try to answer or learn to reply the situations that hanging us to non-beneficial points in life.

Factors causing stress

Stress may be result of failure in exam, failure to be appointed for a job, failure to reply any social questions, discussions or the family topics, just trace them and try to overcome the stress, because these are some factors that cause us stress.

There are many types of stress we may have to face in our daily life. In fact, if we are in stress, it automatically initiates from early morning to sleep time, as soon as we wake up from sleep, the stress begins its initiations like reminders set to come.

Stress is like the shadow of our body, which does not leave us, until gets solved. We cannot hide from the topics of stress.

Stress is nothing just the part of of our ignorance and negligence. If we deal our works with confidence then the result is charming, if not stress is the sure result.

Over confidence, negligence, shifting the tasks to forced moments or unpleasant time is the beginning of stress. over riding the situations, breaking laws, systems or any kinds of rule for short term pleasure are the other calling factors of stress.

The major side effects of stress are dishonor, insult which may also drag us to headache, insomnia, depression, stomach ulcer and many other unpleasant situations that we had never thought, could be.

Stress is like the undigested portions of our brain feeds, it causes the pain similar to constipation, caused by the result of undigested foods we eat.

Stress are of many kinds. A parents can be stressed because of their children, son not obeying them or daughter not following them to obey their parents ideas. No problem, just find out the causes, convince them to agree the situations. If they agree is fine, they are humble children, if not then, tell them to satisfy you touching your doubted questions.

The children, who leave their parents stressed – are not enough matured to fight all the other topics of stress in their life.

The parents, who leave their children stressed – are not enough matured parents to fight all the topics of stress in conducting the subjects.

Either, children or parents or both, in such situations must show their maturity in solving the topics causing stress.

Stress is unsolved result of pleasant wishes and desires. It make us panic, unbalanced and worried if not solved as per wish.

Stressed people must be addressed well. They deserve love and help from other normal people. All of us must help them to avoid accidents that are harmful for them as well as others.


Ways to deal stress

The most common thing I have observed with stressed people are that, they cannot deliver their sentences in a normal way, they cannot communicate normally, they cannot say their feelings in an arranged way, and also cannot speak on the same topic for long time. In such confusing situation, we must live patience and YES TRACE TO OVERCOME STRESS, is best way to deal overcome stress.

The stressed people forget the points of topics more than a normal people, they seem to hide their facts from normal class and also their eyes, head, neck and other body parts keep rolling and moving abnormally, not fixing to a cheerful mood.

Deluded persons, cheated persons or misbehaved persons are more prone to become stressed in their life.

Any persons who wish to get more from the expectations but, do not get the targets are also stressed.


How to live stress free life?

How to solve stress easily? In any situations of stress, what we should do is, just apply my idea (technique) to overcome stress, that is to YES-TRACE thoroughly and step by step, until you reach the initial strings causing real stress factors, by yourself and…that’s your traces to YES-TRACED a way to live stress free life.

If you feel shy or uneasy in saying and sharing your stress factors to anybody, in that case just do is, do not feel shy to trace your stress factors by own.

Tracing your stress factors is nearly a pleasant outcome for your brain to live balanced and easy. Anybody if can help you overcome stress is no one better than your own brain.

Let your brain know your stress factors. If your brain understands the stress factors, it will surely guide you with a sharp decision or decisions in alternative options to follow.

Brain is the chief guide to save you from stress, after our brain gets the stress factors, it starts giving us alternative situations according to the factors.

Brain is the most honorable and head part of our body. Do not disrespect or leave it stressed.

The main purpose of this blog is to feed you an idea to keep in set to go for any types of topics to deal in life is that: YES TRACE to overcome stress.

You can also send feedback to us regarding my blogs.

Reading our blog may help you to trace your problems and also to solve it in different manners. Our blogs are written on contemporary problems faced by people and its solving measures. You can have matching opinions reading our blogs. Please feel free to share your problems with us. We help you with every possible things in managing stress to overcome stress.


You are reading IdeaSaid blog number EIGHT “YES TRACE TO OVERCOME STRESS” and I hope you are satisfied with it, it will be awesome if you help us spread the message and boost our motivation! Please come again. Put these key points into practice and see yourself improving, Keep reading and matching opinions.… To stay updated, follow our social links.

Thank-You for reading this blog. We respect your share, comments, judgments, likes, and views…Please google it..to reach more ideas-readers. I wish You all the best of Luck from “YES TRACE TO OVERCOME STRESS”https://ideasaid.com/




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